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Reflective material question.

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Hi all,

Just wondering if the wrapping paper with the one side being silver is any good for my walls.

I've got heaps of rolls of this and would like to use it if its any good as i'm to tight to spend any money (What a lie, I'm under the thumb and all known cash has to go toward getting the kiddie room ready for the unborn)

If she finds out i've just sent cash away for seeds i will never need to worry about her falling prega's again.

If anyone has used this or knows if its any good, Please let me know.

Thanks heaps, Much appreciated,


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on my first grow i didn't have the money to buy extra just the few things i did but knew i needed some reflective material. in the end i cut apart some potting soil bags that were white on the inside and just stuck them all over my grow space they worked nicely but these days i use panda plastic and even what i have now is second hand.happy herb. :D Edited by happyherb
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Go and get yaself some Flat White Paint down Kmart.

I have done abit of research past few days (over the net) and its a toss up b/w Mylar or Paint. Since the mylar sounds like a pain in the arse to put up, its white paint for me. Plus , from what ive read, some people claim the painted closet gave off more light.





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