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Increasing thc level in low pants

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Hey guys


i was given this bush bud wich was pretty pathetic not much of a high at all , anyway i was given a few fair seeds to try out  ive put them in the backyard  since the thc in his plant was pretty low im guessing myn will be to .



Any idea's how i can get the thc level any higher ? .

A lot of it depends on how well the plant was looked after, a bit of TLC will usually maximise the potential of the plant and give a better smoke than the bush mother did, it's harder to look after a bush plant compared to one in the back yard and with the sun as a grow light it's cheap enough to experiment.



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Last night I FIMMED my eldest northern lights pure indica plant... and I cut off the lowest 2 leaves... I put what I got on a double boiler and dried it.... I wasn't expecting anything really.... but after drying the tip and those two leaves I had enough for a skinny...hehe (I'm very happy with how solid it is)... I smoked it... and yeah...nothing, no thc in it at all... I sat down and 12 minutes later I stopped typing..hehe... wasn't much of a buzz... just felt like the nut and bolts in my legs had been loosened and a warm blanket on my head... lasted for about an hour and a half... so I guess it's a mj plant after all...hehe btw... I let the fourth node out before I FIMMED.. I think I cut a little low too but I'll find out in a couple of days...
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Hey guys



tell ya the truth i have no idea what these seed's are im guessing it was just thrown in the garden outside but it tasted crap and was hardly any high to it thats why i called it bush bud . and why wouldt you want to increase the thc level isnt that the whole point ?. the main reson i wanted to grow them was to see what type of plant it was and if it was worth planting the rest of the seeds .


or like you suggested luke buy Some Purple #1 from kc brains to try outside :blink: . Anybody have anymore idea's on how i can make this plant worth growing ?.

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