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time to harvest

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ive been aways on holidays, to come back to see that my plant is ready to harvest the hairs are red/dark red.


But at the bottom of the plant the are still new ones growing because they are still clear/white colour, shood i chop top off and leave to still grow. or harvest whole lot?


Also can someone step me through the procedures of harvesting (hanging in dark, what to cut etc)


thanks for your help

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You can do either, it's your choice, you should flush it properly first though.


I usually reduce the plant to its branches, trim and manicure and then hang them on a line by one of the smaller branches/heads for a couple of weeks in a darkened dry room.




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:B):  I bet you've got a very fragrant house Tom!


Do those buds double up as Christmas decorations.




I have an extraction system, daugther was pissed when she came home for the weekend though, she was very pissed when I let her know that I had posted pictures of her room on the net, that was a year or so ago now and she's getting used to it. ::blink::


Here's a close up of one.


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