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NL#5 x Big Bud

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Hey all.


Just wondering if anyone has tried this one. I've heard that it retains the better qualities of NL (good smoke, low odour, easy to grow) and also has the relatively high yeilding aspects of Big Bud, without the crappy smoke.


How does it grow? Bushy? I'm also interested what the reported phenotypes are, so far I've had no luck on cannagenetics.


So far it's a toss up between this strain, and Chronic (NL x Afghan, supposedly), as to which will make it to my grow...

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Guest Field_of_Light

yes....pretty huge yielder and a much better smoke than BB by itself but I do beleive that BB grows bigger flowers......


Very nice looking eye candy that cross is....not super potent but what it may lack a little of in smokeability it makes up for in yield......


long flowering time........that never seems to want to end

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yeah..a bit of a warning about the ol nl... I got some nirvana northern lights pure indica babies... I been smoking the leaves from it for a few days now... just since they had about four nodes... I mean this stuff is STRONG!! I had 4 leaves the other day and I was stoned for about 5 hours...hehe... no shit hey..
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Well I haven't grown any so I can't say for sure, but from the research I've done, the Northern Lights family sounds like a good all rounder to me :)


It's a good smoke, too :)

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