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I would suggest the best way to learn about growing MJ is to start with some seeds in just standard potting mix(with has all the nutrients the plant will ever need)and just water regularly so that soil doesnt dry out 2 much,this is the best way to learn cause each day you will see new life on the plant and over time begin to see what a complex and Mystical plant MJ can be,My guru Dr Ed Rosenthal started this way.

Dont attempt using ballasts and hydroponic equipment unless you realise the dangers associated with high output equipment,eg Ballast,reflector,HPS lamps.


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There is alot of good and bad about choosing were to grow indoor/outdoor you run the same risk in away, but for people like me I have no choice but to grow indoor due to the closest bushland to my place (suitable) is about 2 hours by train and then about 3 hours walk into the bush for a suitable location, so to me it is easier to grow indoor.

Seee with this you have 2 choices indoor or outdoor, you learn from your mistakes as I have been told, but in some cases is not true.


If you do the research on hydroponics and all the other stuff then you should be okay starting inside it is just up to you were you start, plus there are alot of websites and forums that you can post a message on and get the answers that you need to fix the problem.

There is alot of experience floating around in the brains of the people that read these forums so just ask the question and you should get an answer?

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That make sense joedave,i understand its easier and less trouble in many ways indoors(i do indoors myself and maybe a few small plants outside,cause im on acres).For people that are only young like 18-20 i would always suggest learning an outdoor grow before they attempt using ballasts and HPS,also its very easy to blow up a globe if the tiniest drop of water hits it.
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