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Nimer's First Grow

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Hey all

the grow has been going for prob 3 weeks now but just tonight i got my camera :-) so i though i might share a bit with you all :-) Unfortunetly i am very tired and havnt figuerd out how to scale down the pics my only two choices are 50k pictures and 1.4mb pictures lol



DO any of you out there know of a freeware programe that i can scale down Jpegs with?


First pic the outside of the growroom


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G'day... well... it does look a lot different to my nlpi which is 15 days old from a seed...hehe.. the northern lights has much smaller leaves and they are alot closer together... so I don't know..sorry.. what light have you got them under nimer? are you planning on using mixed methods for the remainder of your grow or are you waiting to move them into some bucket bubblers? Anyhow... they're looking healthy dude... what temps have you got there?
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They are in 3 different types of soil but all are 50/50 soil perlite (dont worry there all labeld). i am just doing an expirement this time around :-) When u say they look alot different? do u mean larger smaller? Currently there under a 400watt HPS but i am looking at a 600watt HPS to add to the setup :-)


These plants will go to harvest in soil. And the temps are around 28-35C humidity at 90% I know i need to bring it down fast........


Anywase thanx for stopping by Mr Putard ;-)

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hey dude... you can do a lot better with the compression than what that paint prog does with jpegs... just download the GIMP... it comes in two parts ... you'll have to install one before the other.. just read the instructions on the page before you download it... http://www.gimp.org/ there... that will do it huh? oh well you could allways select a bit out of the pic in paint and cut and paste it in a new pic if you don't like the GIMP...
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