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bubbler nute burn

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I had one plant going in a bubbler with a half strength mix of canna veg nutes. After a week I added some nutes to increase the mS reading from about 1.6 to 2.4. The canna bottle says to aim between 1.8 and 2.6 from memory. Anyway the plant started to show early signs of nute burn with cupping leaves after 2 weeks. I thought this may be a sign that the system needed a water change. So I drained the bubbler and added a fresh batch of full strength nutes. Well over the next couple of days the nute burn got worse so I emptied the system and now have them in plain PH adjusted water to flush. Pic below.


My question is when you flush your plants in this situation how long before you can start adding nutes to your solution again? Also when you have them in plain water, can you just add nutes when ready or do you need to empty the system again and mix nutes with a fresh batch of water?


This was a good lesson for me regardless, when increasing nute dosage do so in small increments. I jumped from half strength to full strength and it turned out to be too much for this particular plant.


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Hey pipe,


ya gotta run them things at 1/3 strength!!!!!!!

no wonder you got nute burn.

I'd flush the fuck out of it, give it a coupla days of straight water, then give it 3rd strength nutes.

To top up water, drain out 3/4 of water and add rest at 3rd strength again. Do this every 2 weeks or so, and other than that, top up with plain water.

just pour about a litre around each pot to flush, it doesn't really matter that much though. It will fill up higher than your float valve but wont take long to come back down again.

i hope you read this in time to save them babies from getting absolutely fucked.

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Hello,,, is that one plant pipeman? Anyhow, i bet it's a perfect time to mull up a bit of that leaf and see if it gets you stoned still compared to the other lot.... :blink:

ha ha, nah I got enough leaf for a while. B)


yeah thats one plant. verry berry no.2 tipped when it was about 150mm high. The thing that amazed me was the thickness of the main stem, this thing is over an inch thick already! I think its been in veg 4-5 weeks, but not sure.

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Guest weekprik

that pic is excatly what mine did 3 weeks ago, This thing has not strectched and is about 5 ft tall, the leaves are about 4 foot tall and foot long buds, this thing is just forming too, even the leaves are white almost with thc,

I reakon off one plant I will get a lot but as its my first hydro plant im unsure, if this one packs out as big as they do in the bush(soil) shit I smile to think hahahah,


pass the cone dude....... :blink:

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