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problem with compacts fluros

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Hi all any one had any problems with compacts fluros slowing down seedlings ?


I got seedlings under 42w mixed cool /warm white's for 6 weeks now and still up 4 leaf stage and in 5" pots and 12" above plants there not old enother to nute

temps around 24 /25c humid 70 %

the mix is in 70/30 cocoo foam ball mix

ph 6.5


there green and healthy


what can I do ?

I dont have the cash to a HPS



my grow box is 1m x 1m x 1m

an 5" pots is my only chioce due to the size limet




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Guest Field_of_Light
I think your fluros have to be alot closer than 12 inches...try about 3 inches...as they dont throw out much heat they wont burn your plants.......
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You really need to have them about a inch away from your plants.... Any closer and they might burn your babbies.... any further and your plants will just stretch and not grow very good... Im vegging some clones with CF's atm and i have to move shit around atleast once a day sometimes twice just so the lights are a nice distance between plants.
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go for single 18 watt fittings $15 or $20 ea ( 600mill long), as many as you want, 2,3,4 etc but in each one go for tri-phospor tube (about $3 each) that will be the most effective light you can get out of fluro's :o ,but if you are going to all this trouble get a lower wattage H.P.S. in a low-bay fitting. lol



cheers an good luck Mozz :D

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Guest weekprik

fluros are only good for clones, dont even waste time on them if you want serious pot plants, get yourself a 400watt second hand from your local trading post or similar and buy a new 430hps sontagro bulb,

I know money is an issue but look at it long term not short term, the fluros will in the long run cost you more, ie- longer to grow the same amount of weed etc.

keep the fluros for their right useage which is for clones.


i picked up a second hand HPS for $100-00 and a brand new bulb for $55-00 so it cost me $160-00 with $5-00 for petrol picking it up.


if you MUST use fluros only use the cool white type for the clones and buy grow lights for growing.

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Guest weekprik

i brought an Aqua one, pr-20 fluro light, its different to fluros i have had in the past, this light isnt the usual long tube type, it is a tube that looks like a power saver like in the house, It is in an alluminium shade that hangs, i pulled the covers off to have a look and this thing has a ballast?? is it normal for a fluro to have a ballast, it is only a firly low wattage but is very bright, about 1/2 of my 400hps.


thoughts?? ok for a clone light??

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