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Food for thought...

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G'day Osco and Meccano here!!

Thanks for welcoming us to the group ladies and gentlemen much appreciated. As new members to this discussion forum we have decided to share with you our favourite recipe. Hope you get some enjoyment out of it as we have given it 3 thumbs up!


We have included a photo of the highly nutritional and fulfilling snack.


Simply named 'Bonapetit', it features home made cheese pizza topped with Cadbury snack ice-cream (the one that tastes like Bubble O' Bill) with a garnishing of ice magic... it's a Stoners Delight.


Ladies and Gentlemen... Enjoy! Feel free to offer feedback or any of your own recipes... cheers.


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Guest Field_of_Light

hey nice kitchen.....the benchtops match the cuphoards very well.......... :P


weird food dudes....but looks oh so tasty.....

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