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getting healthier plants

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g'day all I was just lookin at my plants and they just dont look that healthy for starters on one of em the lower leaves keep goin yellow and brown I thought it might be from under fert it went away for 3-4 days or so without doin anything(that I know of)and came back again overnight so I have no clue what it was.Sound familiar to any of you guys?


if so please help me


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At the moment I can't recall what stage your plants are at, if they are Sativa dominants in the flowering cycle or if the affected leaves are heavily shaded then this is to be expected.


It could also be from over watering.


If none of the above causes is the case then check out this link, add it to your favourites too.



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Id say its a ph problem my water ph is about 8-8.5 whoch is bad right whats something I can use to fix this problem I'm growing

in a soil setup.If someones alredy told me what to do I apoligize I must have forgotten but I wont this time I'll write it down as soon as I'm told

how to fix it hehe.


I know this question might seem dumb to all you experienced growers but I'm a newbie so bear with me.

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You can buy PH down in powder form from the aquarium section of a pet store. But its easier to use and you need less of it if you buy in liquid form from a hydro store. My plants really struggled in soil until I started adjusting the PH of my water. About 6.5 is what you're aiming for.
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