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Seedlings under HPS?

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I have just planted kc33xmango and kc33xkush seeds and i was wondering if i could put them under my 400watt HPS for warmth? I plan on putting a sandwich bag on em with a rubber band to make a green house effect. Otherwise i have found they dry out to quickly.



What u think?

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Keep the light about 3 ft above them, I use a clear plastic cake cover for a humidity dome, plastic bags soon become a pain in the rear end.



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hey nimer... I just had a frightening experience with a hps in a closet :P Whatever you do... make sure you've got a temperature readout ... I had a 600 watt hps in a closet and I was getting temps around 46C .. not too good... I had 3 seedlings and now only one looks healthy... the hps was on for a few days but only twice during the night.. i put 21 beans in and only 3 have made it after 7 days... oh well.. the rest have cracked the shells but don't look like doing much else... now I've got them under 36watts of growlux flouros...


when i opened the growroom one morning I noticed that one of the leaves on the second seedling had curled up and was pointing vertical...now its turned greyish green so i think its dead :P oh and the third seedling looks like it might not put out any leaves.. but i can't be sure because actually I think it's just going slowly... I wouldn't worry about the plastic bags...although it could be good... I've noticed a really bad smell to my rockwool now and it's the 7th day... if you can get a clone box that would be alot better... $20 from hydroshop :P

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Guest Field_of_Light
Or you can go overkill...I just paid 200 for a clone box...nice little stealth unit...but I need to churn em out and this suited me best.......
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