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last grow I changed to a 600w sonT-agro, for my 8 week flowering (from 400w sonT), its the only change Ive made, an I have doubled my output from a consistent 8 or 9 ounces to 17 ounces of dryed and manicured filthy Buds :P . My cupboard measures 1200 wide an 600 deep it has a light rail of about 700 an an air cooled hood, I run an air-con for most (not all) of the time as I live in Darwin


woohoo Mozz :P

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1 plant, I think the strain is Yellow eye, had it for a while, Ive just got some sweettooth #3 seeds from seedsdirect an will try them next.

Can only have 2 plants by law here, one growing an one clone ready for next time and so the circle goes on.


hope this helps Ele cheers :mellow: Mozz


oh yeh one other thing I did this time, was use Pythoff every couple of days in my resevoir ( to keep on top of any fungis in resevoir, lines an most of all root system) works a treat, smells like weak bleach, I used on my clone to with no problems. :P


I think it is the 600w making difference (more lumens)

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Yeah mozz, it's the 600 - my mate stinky pete grows the same strain as me under a 600 and gets buds the size of a possum... and I mean a bushy, not a ringtail. I'd kill to get one, but my little box only handles the heat from a son 400 as it is. Although I'm sittin here looking at the cupboard above it thinkin



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