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Seeding your Plant

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Sup ppls..


i was was reading around overgrow about seeding your clones to produce seeds..

the story is.. ive got clones of all my plants and im wishing to collect a few seeds off them if possable..

im not too worried about losing the cuttings all together

but just lookin to produce seeds from them partiucular clones..


ive heard about switching lighting spectrums and bascily stressing females to produce female seeds..

could any1 go into depth with this.. ?

im aware of the male pollon storys.. with the female plant buds being painted with male pollon to produce seeds.. but i have no pollon plus.. but i wish to keep this strains as is..


ive also heard about stressing sprays.. any word..?




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You stress one of your female clones into a hermie, collect the pollen and apply it to a female clone. The easiest way I know to collect and apply the pollen is to get a paper lunch bag (or a mushroom bag from the supermarket) and collect some male pollen in it, don't get any on the outside of the bag, slip the bag over a suitable female head and shake gently, do this away from other plants as the pollen drifts around easily. It would be best to keep the plant separate from other females for a few days or so, your fan could blow some of the loose pollen around your plants.


Here's a topic on stressing plants.



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Giberillic acid is no good for you, read that link tom posted about stressing plants, the whole point of gibberillic acid is to make a female plant grow male flowers who can't grow male flowers under stressful conditions, any plant which can be stressed to turn hermy (nearly every plant) cannot be used to make pure female seed.

Using hermies to make seed will give you seeds that are basically female with a few male flowers, a couple of pure females, and some reverse males.


The only real option if you find a clone and you want seeds exactly the same is to backcross it a few times. It will be less work than making female seeds too.

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Yeah, the giberellic thing isn't as easy as it sounds. I sprayed last crop (all the same strain) on two branches. The result was hardly any bud on those branches, but it did induce male flowers. So far I've gotten two seeds out of it,

and one was immature. I did however leave it a bit late to spray.

I got it in a powdered form, but it was only a little bit my hydro guy had left over.

Still, I think I'll try it again in a crop or two.

Good seeding


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