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Sativa's turn.....?

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G'day all,

I hope you are all well...

My next question.................

Ok,as I said,I pulled the Indica up (nice buds there) and when I did my sat's seemed waaaaaay behind in growth.It has been a little chilly & raining these last couple of days & she has changed all her "hair" colour & almost all overnight have turned reddish/orangey.At least 80% have changed colour :D OVERNIGHT....which seems amazing to me....?Also,the sat doesn't seem to have as many trichones (sp?) as the indica..?Is that usual....the smell is not as strong either....WHAT HAVE I DONE!!??!!and more importantly~WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO NOW......????????

1)Pull it up.

2)Snip the buds that have changed.

3)Leave it and hope I come out one morning to a crop of Indicas.

4)Pull it up.

Hmmmmm,does anyone have any reading on the difference between the two strains,please?

Sols~where r u mate....*closes eyes & sends out vibes*,even better *Lights up a spliff*

Any help would be very much appreciated....I am worryed I may be leaving it in for TOO long...... :P HEEEEEEEELP!!!

**PEACE~~ONE LOVE**Rastagirl.....

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Guest bacchus

hey rastagirl.....


don't worry too much about the differnece in smell or trichrome.....different strains, different genetics....can still be a good smoke with these differences....colour can change quickly on the hairs......i would personally remove what you think is ready....

have a look here indica or sativa for some interesting info.....

hope this helps, and congrats on your successful grow.....it's so rewarding is it not ? :D



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Guest elefunk_delivers

Sup Rastagurll..

my sativas r also taking there time..

ive started snipping off arms.. and drying them for smoke.. but leaving the arms with more potential to flower more...

i think the sativa will b fully finshed by the end of this month.. maybe early may..




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