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how many lights

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4 600w HPS in the corners and one 1000w in the middle, That will light 10ft x 10ft, really well and have you a huge, high yielding garden.

I'd suggest 4 plants, so if you get caught your time won't be so bad.


But for 30 plants, as clones they could be flowered after rooting in a box size 1m x 1m with a 400 or 600w light.

as plants from seed you could fit them under 2 lights in a 2m x 1m box.

Why have you decided on 30 plants?? do you have 30 seeds??

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To work out your required wattage you work out your grow area in square feet and multiply it by 50w (optimum).


(10' x 10' ) x 50w

= 100 sq ft x 50w

= 5,000 watts of light is the optimum.



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