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Guest bacchus



many here will say that it is impossible to re veg a plant at this time of year and that the only solution would be to bring it indoors to grow under lights, but given the size of your plants and the fact that they are in the ground might make that a bit difficult..... :D

i think that i saw a post from another member that mentioned that they were going to cut down most of the vegetation to the lower branches and let it keep going (was that you elefunk?)...

anyhow, i guess you could use it as a trial and error or take clones and keep under lights until the season comes around again....there are other members here with experience with cloning if you need help...


hope this has been some kind of help...



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I managed this last year by tying the plant down and covering it in clear plastic (book covering) - like a little greenhouse. I left the ends open a little for ventilation. I also had a piece of white board behind it to reflect as much light as possible back to the plant. This was the first time I tried this, and it wasn't a great plant to begin with, but it survivied and re-yielded.
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I tried to explain this before, dunno if it was you who asked or not.


But anyway, IT CANNOT HAPPEN, cannabis flowers due to a change in photoperiod, same reason cannabis will reveg, If you grew a plant till August or September, it would be easy. As the hours start to get longer in July.

Its not the cold that makes the plant not reveg, its the short daylength and the lack of light, if you notice in winter its not very bright.


Some sativa's can be killed by frost quickly, but most indicas will take any frosts.


Anyhoo, by all means try it, if you can keep your plant alive till August then it will make it.

To do it, cut almost every bud off your plant, cut back your plant to pretty much a stump with a coupla leaves and a couple of buds.

And water with a high Nitrogen fertilizer.


But, yeah, I think it is destined to die.

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yea i'd go with cutting it back hard and make a little green house i've seen it work i,ve known of ppl to have had the same plant out side for 5 years at that point.seen plants without green house that died that were real great to beaguin with and others that just hung in there for the warmer weather.as a safe gaurd you could try cloneing some less "buddy" tips under a couple of 4 ' fluros 18/6 or 24/0 up to you im not the expert and have yet to try cloning somthing that heavlly buded plant b4. but clones can be done but a risk of mold is possible.as white cluster said give it some N fert and have a go you should be right it looks big and healthy.good luck nice grow.happy herb.


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Guest elefunk_delivers

i recently cut back my indica.. about 4 weeks ago and i have seen any new signs of re-veg.. i think the days r too short and the nights r too cold..

but im still going to leave it an see if anything sprouts...


much respect


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