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hydo clones

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Hi there mr_mess, welcome to Oz Stoner's.


take cuttings and grow them outside in soil.


any advice on when to take cuttings, and when to plant

them outdoors in australia.

To take the clones I use a sharp pair of scissors, some like to use a razor or a scalpel, I try to choose a branch that is growing in an inconvenient direction if possible and cut it off just above the third node from the end (I count the tip as a node) I then snip the cut end of the clone on a 45° angle, dip it in a rooting hormone and stick it into the growing media, I use perlite/vermiculite, others use medias like rockwool, soil or aero-cloners. If you tip your plants you could use those tips as clones too, just tip a node further down.


As to when it's time to plant outside, that depends on where you are.



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To put clones outdoors you can't root them under flouros, you need to root them in the sunlight, If you try to root them under flouro's they will flower as soon as you pop them outside.


So make a humidity dome out of plastic shopping bags then put shadecloth over that and stick it outside, take your clones and pot them into seed raising mixture and then put them in a box and take em to your mini greenhouse, if you just carry your clones to the greenhouse the leaves will burn up in the sunlight, anyhoo once you've done that just mist in the greenhouse every couple of hours.


Still some of these clones will flower instantly.


A much better method, is indoor/outdoor combinations, basically veg your plants indoors and take them outside when the cupboard is full, It can be done almost any time of year, I've had November harvests this way. The only thing to worry about is the frost. I think its one of the highest yielding grow methods.

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Its really simple, basically, grow some plants indoors and then put them outside when they are big enough.


I was only growing under 1 400w light in a wardrobe at this time, But I was getting huge yields, basically I'd grow my plants till they are almost hitting the light which took around 6 weeks, then I would pop them outside, first I was using soil hand watered. then I started to use a drip setup, which was really good because a nutrient heater was letting me grow through the winter, (yields in the winter are pretty miserable though due to lack of light), but alot of strains will let you grow through the winter anyway, I only got to do this for 2 years, but it was some of my best growing days, basically harvesting 10oz or so every 6 weeks off 400w. (this is a very rough estimate, every crop was different, and most were different strains)


I never had any problems with reveg coming up to december, and I actually found that plants flowered around September had fatter tighter buds, this might have been genetically related though.


The main problem is the weakness of the plants, indoor plants can't hack it in the wind, so I suggest alot of bending and exercise in the growroom.

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