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Hi everyone....


Well, I'm off tomorrow to get my next cabinet for growing, (Yay! ;) )and I'm going to use my HFS indoor mix Lady for my clonig material... Now, as to the cloning...


This lady is about 3 weeks or so into flowering outdoors, and she's got a couple of nodes on the lower branches which have only just started to flesh out and flower... My q is, what's the procedure for cloning flowering plants? :( I've got a 90% success rate with vegging plants, but I've never cloned a flowering plant as yet. Should the young buds on the clones be removed with a scalpel or somesuch before rooting? Or should I just leave them on, harvesting these proto buds when they mature and the plant is rooted and hopefully vegging?


Any help on cloning a flowering plant will be most appreciated.... Thanks guys and gals! :(

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Hi Luke,

I have cloned off a 7 week into 12/12 flowering plant before ! Loved how one of my plants produced think, yummy, thc filled heads and then realized i didnt take any clones from it.

Im not sure what cloning methods you use. I didnt worry about cutting any buds off, just leave em there (extra plant nurishment...:() I cloned as per usual methods, took much longer to root properly, but it worked anyway. Always remember to take a few, just incase one doesnt make it. Once the plant goes back into veg mode, notice the bud will dry up & die, im sure its normal. Pic is normal rooted clones, about 10days.

Happy Cloning :(


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hey luke ! 3 weeks should'nt cause you any probs.i've done it b4 with great results and didn't do any thing differnt thou i did hear of somone lately having all of there clones die from the buds going moldy so you should watch for that if they are real fleshy buds cut sum off or do half/ half see what works but you will end up with sum clones if you have had sucsess in the past cloning.happy herb.
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I usually just pinch the flowers off, I have successfully cloned at 4 weeks, it takes longer for the clones to take though as they need to revert to veg.



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Thanks guys, :( I was a bit worried there for a bit... I think I'll take clones from some of the lower, underdeveloped branches and that way I can avoid having too much flowering parts possibly going mouldy whilst cloning....

I couldn't get my wardrobe today, ;) as the Salvos Furniture Store I went to is charging $70 for crappy ones! :( I thought they would be a lot cheaper than that. Oh well, back to the classifieds...

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Guest Field_of_Light

after having sucessfully taken clones for the last 2 years I have hit an extremely bad patch of bad luck...ie death of clones and lots of em........


I was speaking to someone today who said that clones should be taken below the nodes on any given plant becuase this is where roots are grown from...is this true?


Luke.....the salvos suck.....yes I know they do loads of good in the community but I dont know any poor families that can afford to shop there......its too expensive.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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