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DIY Vaporizer - free, easy and effective

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Hi guys,

This is my first post on this forum. I hope I am not violating any rules. I have been a smoker for over 10 years and 2 days ago I tried vaporized weed. A couple of things to note:


1. I did plenty of research about the benefits of vaporizing weed beforehand, including the best vaporizer brands out there (the best two cost more than $600!!!).

2. I researched some DIY methods as well. Some looked strange (ie there is a very odd looking lightbulb method that only an idiot or a junky would use), others looked too complicated.


I was at a friend's house 2 days ago and decided we will make our own vaporizer. After a few trials we found a method that worked. It got us completely wasted and it was definately a different high to all the highs I have had in the past.


It cost me NOTHING!!!

It involved NO ASSEMBLY

It took ZERO TIME to put together.

There's no strange equipment to hide from your family/flat mates.

It took about 10% of the amount of weed we normally use to get us high.

Two of us used home grown bush weed and got completely toasted off it, whereas I normally use very very strong hydro weed to get high.


Required components

A steel saucepan with a see through cover that has a hole in it (cookware covers normally have a hole to allow some steam to escape so that the cover doesn't get pushed off by the steam pressure while you are cooking)

The inside tube from a roll of toilet paper.

A piece of aluminium foil to put into the hole to close it off. I made one that was coneshaped so you just pushed it gently in to the hole. Alfoil is the stuff you use to cook stuff in an over. Here is an example pic


I have included two images.

The first one shows the saucepan and lid, the toilet paper roll, and a portable electric cooktop - image


The second image shows a closeup of the hole in the saucepan cover - image.


I forgot to make the aluminium foil piece before I took the images. But you can use anything to close the hole.



A note for people needing stealth


If you need stealth, just go to your hardware or camping store and buy a portable gas cooktop. In Australia they cost about $20, and the can of gas you use costs $10. There is hardly any smell caused by this method, you you could do this in your backyard, on a balcony etc.

I live by myself and did it in my kitchen under a rangehood (a device above the cooktop that sucks up all the air) and there is no smell.



Using the Saucepan Vaporizer


  1. Chop up your weed as fine as you can
  2. Put about a pinch of it into the pan. Or half a bowl (regular-sized conepiece) worth. You could put more, but it is unnecessary to get high. Putting more might result in you getting more high. i'm not sure. It worked with a pinch and so I stayed with that.
  3. Close the hole on the saucepan cover with your aluminium foil piece.
  4. If you are using a gas cooktop, put it on medium heat.
    If you are using electric, turn the electric on to high heat.
  5. Put the saucepan on the cooktop and watch it carefully. As soon as you see a vapor inside, remove it from the cooktop. The vaporised air is very hard to see. It looks sort of like steam in a shower. The weed should basically look the same (because it hasn't been burned), but the air becomes sort of "visible", you can see it floating around. If you have left it for too long and the air becomes smoky white, start over.
  6. Remove the aluminium foil (a.k.a. alfoil) from the saucepan cover's hole, and put your toilet paper roll over it. Now suck the air from the saucepan through the toilet paper roll. Make sure you have good suction. It should be hard to suck the air though (due to the small hole).
  7. The repeat from step 1 until the weed turns from it's original colour to a full brown (meaning there is nothing left. If it starts to turn black, get rid of it immediately).

Using this method, one person should be able to get atleast 70% high from one pinch of weed. The high lasted about 2-3 hours (from using bush weed). It was a great high as well. I was fully aware of myself and what I was doing, while still getting all the benefits of being high, ie tripping out, laughing my ass off at futurama and family guy, talking shit, etc.


Comparing this high to regular smoking high, I would say regular smoking high is like being blind drunk (where you can't see people, and you don't remember much the same day, as well as being hung over).

This high was being happy drunk, remembering everything, but without the hangover the next say.


I used this method to smoke (I mean "vaporize" ) about 4 times over a 12 hour period keeping myself high throughout it. I used about half a gram of bush weed.


And there was no "come down" from this high. I vaporised for 12 hours over night without having any sleep. 2 hours after my last vaporise session I went for a 30 minute sprint session (and I am not an athlete ). It was freaking amazing.


If I was smoking the weed through a bong or joint as I normally do, I would have used about 4-6 grams of high quality weed.


The reason i am have joined a weed forum and posted this immediately is because I want everyone to know that you can easily vaporize weed. The benefits are huge, the cost is zero. Not enough people know about this method, and the some of the ones who read about it don't feel comfortable spending money on equipment that might not work.


I would be interested to hear about others' experience with this method.

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can we get some pics?

i vape

but would like the chance to temp control

look like i need a fandangled 1 hey

thanks for sharing



This was my first time vaporising EVER. And I didn't use a thermometer and still got hammered. A thermometer is obviously the main thing missing, but I don't think it would make a difference, unless it was attached to the heating surface. So if you could find a completely metallic thermometer and have it connected to the same surface that the weed is resting on, you would be set. But just staring through the glass cover at the weed until you see it become slightly hazy seems to work as well. After all, the temperature has to reach the vaporization level (180 - 200 degrees C ) at some point. So as soon as you see it reach this level (by seeing a haze) you take the saucepan off the heat. Then when you are done inhaling the vapors, just put it back on heat heat until you use up all the weed in the saucepan.


What would you trust more for quality and safety of manufacture? A "vaporizer" device sold for smoking a banned substance? Or a steel saucepan? The commercially sold vaporizer is built for a "black market" which means that it is unlikely that people are going to complain about inhaling toxic chemicals from the machine parts. Or do you think they hired scientists to perform quality assurance experiements on the machines. Considering that pot vaporizers are a realtively new technology there is a lot of room for errors in designs.


On the other hand, steel saucepans can be found in almost every home. And there are no special parts in a steel saucepan. Just the steel and a handle. So at the very worst case, you end up smoking the weed just as you were before. But at least you don't have to worry about getting throat cancer from inhaling chemicals from a badly designed plastic component.



im sure after alot of playing around you would get it right but probably waste alot of weed in the process


You need about 10% of the weed used for smoking via bongs. And, as stated before, the weed isn't wasted. If the heat becomes too hot it burns and you can just suck up the smoke if you want. So it's not a total loss. But it's not as if one second the weed is completely green and the next thing you know the whole saucepan is smoky. If you pay attention you will see when it starts to haze.

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Why bother with all this crap? Because it's free?? It's also unwieldy and ugly..

A VaporGenie costs $70 - mine has been going for years with no incidents - and it totally portable, inert and discrete.

This looks like the sort of thing teenagers would do when Mum & Dad are away..

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The VaporGenie is nowhere near as safe as the "saucepan vaporizer", because you inhale the lighter flame fumes when using the VaporGenie.


The user of this design wouldn't be using it to make a fashion statement. They would be using it for its practicality as well as a greater assurance of safety than commercially sold vaporizers.


BTW I have just bought an oven thermometer from Kmart for $3. I'll try to s see if this thing is accurate and post my "findings" lol

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The VaporGenie is nowhere near as safe as the "saucepan vaporizer", because you inhale the lighter flame fumes when using the VaporGenie.

I beg to differ... No way do you inhale lighter gas or flame with the genie (if you use it properly). Have you used one?

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It is stated on the VaporGenie website, under "How is the VaporGenie used?"


With the VaporGenie, flame exhaust is inhaled.


I love how they justify the inhalation of the lighter flame:

most users do not notice the difference

and then in brackets, as if this is the reason why:

lighter flames or match flames are much cleaner than smoke


From wiki as well as the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration:


Here is the reason why most smokers don't notice they are inhaling lighter gases (By the way, all lighters are filled with butane.):

Butanes are highly flammable, colorless, odorless, easily liquefied gases.




And here's what happens from prolonged butane inhalation:


Inhalation of butane can cause euphoria, drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, cardiac arrhythmia and frostbite, which can result in death from asphyxiation and ventricular fibrillation.

In English this means that you experience a high, then get tired, then pass out, then your heart beat changes, then your temperature drops, then you choke, then you have a heart attack, then you die.


So what makes this device so crazy dangerous is that the effects of butane inhalation might be confused for the effects of getting high.


Now how much time is spent sucking air in when using the VaporGenie? And how many times do you use it? I am a believer in vaporization, but that specific product looks like a bad idea and a hazard.

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