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any 1 know what these are ?

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I'm new to ur forums, looks great heaps of info

good to be in an Ozzy site.

iv'e recently harvested but i had these little bugs starting to infest my plants, only really on the undersides of the shadeleaves, they were on a creeping plant next to my plants then migrated to my plants, i thought they were aphids, but people tell me there not ? they seem to come back at the same time every year then piss off 4 a while.





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Hey there choofr, good to see you made it here! Tom, that first link is misinformed. Maybe they call aphids lice, because Choofr, you have one of the most common pests of home gardeners, cannabis or otherwise..... aphids!!!! And the worst thing is, they can reproduce without sex! So when they are born, they can be carrying embryos inside them already! :o This leads to a very, very fast turnover of generations, particularly indoors, and quick resistance to regular spraying of the same insecticide.... My advice? Go for a white oil spray or pyrethrum concentrate (give us a hoi for more advice on using the white oil and pyrethrum concentrates together, as while it can be a fantastic spray, this can cause phytotoxicity in some strains...something I found out the hard way!) if you're worried about what goes into the plant.... These only have a short lifespan on the plant and will not affect your harvest too much.... But don't spray in the later stages of flowering, because as buster said, you may encourage moulds and other nasties like them.... Spray once, and then five days later, (or whatever it recommends on the bottle) spray again to get the next gen, and the 5 days after that spray for one last time to kill off any adults which may have emerged since.... You may want to alternate between two or three different sprays if you have any resistance probs.... Aphids are usually an annual event,as you've said, so next season when you know they're going to come around soon, pre-empt them (Thanks for the policy go to G. Bush lol ) with a preventative spray of pyrethrum or white oil, and you should do okay..... Oh, and the neem oil is also a good, organic and safe insecticide, or so I've been told, but I've never used it so I can't offer much advice there. Talk to your local garden centre or hydro shop about it maybe?


Good luck!


Whew! Another long post.... damn, gonna have to work on that... :o Anyway, welcome Choofr, and I hope this has helped....

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lol, I think they'all the same little creatures, aphids are called "bladluis" in Dutch... if you translate that in English it's called "leafelice" :o anywayzz, go for them! they're PARASITES ON YOUR PLANTS AAAAAGGGGHHHHH


...and http://www.clubs.nl/ClubsData/67948/incoming/welcom3d.gif to ozstoners :o

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Thanks 4 the replies

i have harvested my plants now so i'm gonna hit the bastards that are on the creeper next 2 where my plants with insecticide and wipe the bastards out and keep control of them 4 next year, they are shoulder 2 shoulder @ the moment iv'e never seen such an infestation....

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