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Time to pull up Indica's?

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Hey all :o

I hope that everyone is well & that all your babies are pumping up.

About mine I am concerned about timing for harvest.I want to get the best results I can but it seems that is not done by just leaving them in & hoping that the days don't get too much shorter lol & that summer weather will last alot l;onger.

It's starting to get a little nippy at night & we have had a bit of rain.

The Lady Sat still has the white hairs,I'd say only about 10% have changed colour...... :o

What will happen?I have had one piece of advice that says I should pull the Indica up.I was wondering about snipping select "ready" buds off it & leave others to get more sun..?I really dunno.....

As for the sat that is acting like it is still the middle of summer......I dunno what really to do about that either??

So,any help/advice/suggestions or experience would be MOST APPRECIATED!As I am also starting to get a little paranoid about every little bump in the night,Hmmmm...

~~**PEACE~~**ONE LOVE~~**Rastagirl.

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Ok me again...... :mellow:

I have got my hands on a magnafying glass & have looked at the thryconesUGH!! the little "mushroomy" dew like drops & they are still clear,glistening like diamonds,colour & the little "mushroomy" heads are reaching up high.(they almost look like baby goldtops in shape!but not colour).I have counted the 'hairy bits' & it seems that they are at about 50/50 stage.One thing though is that I am noticing the bottom leaves are all turning yellow & this is happening further & further up the plant.

It smells alot but it seems it smelt more a few days ago & the smell is now not so strong....?

There,I hope that is a little more info now I have the magnafying glass.I just hope I have not/am not leaving it too late lol

Any more help would be appreciated...Thanks mr P thats what I think too....but I am not sure....Grrrr.

**PEACE**ONE LOVE**~Rastagirl

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g'day; plants may keep flowering until end of april.

it is normal for lower leaf to yellow and die.sativa may not finish until may depending on strain. i'd harvest when pistils are around 70% dead or dry.or when all trichomes look like mushies,and none look like hairs.

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Rastagurl im also in the same boat, and unsure weather to pull mine up.. but i think im going to this weekend..

well re vege it anyways..

ill cut it down.. till the lower buds and leave it and c wot happens


its a indica dom, i know this but im sure its 8 weeks r up..

i think i might get 1 oz off it wotchas think



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Thanks Y'all :o

I appreciate everyones input....I have decided to PULL IT ALL UP this weekend.....I'm hoping there is no rain before then.

Ele~Mmmmm Mmmmm,nice buds there mate,thanks for the pic,it helps with my dilemma a bit.When u say 'cut it back' can u leave it in the ground/pot & it will grow back :o ~TRUE!

I thought the winter frost would kill it...?Or is it like a poppy that will lay dormant through a cold spot & fire up again in the heat...????Or did u mean u will take it indoors...? lol Never said I was cluey,aye.....

I ask as I have a nice little Indica that I put in waaaay to late (like Jan~the weather was just too nice to resist) and am wondering if I can keep it growing somehow....?

I hope all is well with y'all

**~PEACE**~~ONE LOVE~~**Rastagirl..

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the rule of thumb in this country seems to be "plant on Fathers Day, harvest on Mother's Day". When's Mother's Day ?


Daylight savings won't make a difference per se (it being a human construct) but as changes in the plants breeding cycle occur when the daylength decreases (that would be from Summer equinoxe wouldn't it - December 22) throo' to Equinoxe (March 22 - near as damn to the end of daylight savings) when the days are close to 12/12. Somebody help me out here if I'm wrong.


You've probably harvested by now anyway. Hope all is well ..

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Rastagirl, you can't keep that plant alive, you could bring it indoors and reveg it, but its not worth it.


and outdoors you can't do it, its not the right time of year, you need to harvest really late, say August, then as the daylength increases the plant will grow again, but yield and potency suffer.

I think revegging is pretty dumb, just plant new seeds I say.


Nice bud there Elefunk!!

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Hey all :(

Well,I did it,I pulled her up....I really wish I knew how to post pics but I am a bit of a 'puter spazz & my cam is not the best quality ;)

Anyway,on a brighter note......she is SWEEEEEEEET!!!

My scissors are ruined :(

Thank you all who posted reply *passes spliff*



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