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Quick & Easy Stoner meal's

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Quick & Easy



Now when your stoned the last thing you wanna do is use your brain even though im a chief by trade when im stoned the last think i wanna do is cook complicated meals . even thought those reciepies on the msg board sound fucking awsome try some of these options


Craked Pepper Tamato soup & Pasta Swirls



All thats needed is a tin of everyday tamato soup ,some water for the pasta swirls, milk and a creamed crack pepper deceration


All you need to do is : Boil your soup and pasta swirls. add milk to the soup for a extra creamy taste , then get pepper corns and crush them in sour cream and then put a spoon of sour cream on the soup . and you have a very statsifing quick n easy Stoner meal






All you need is everyday bread rolls , Chese slices and a tin of Stag's chillie



all you gotta do: cut a circle in the middle of the bread roll make sure you dont cut throught the breal roll , get a slice of cheese and brake it up into very small peices . pour a quater of a teaspoon of Stag's chillie into the bread roll and then add the cheese however you like . then bung it in the microwave for 8 seconds or to your liking . now very easy and no need to consentrate on what your dooing :rolleyes: . A CLASS STOONERS MEAL

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Mate, you are a god.

I am a chilli lover, a cheese lover, and i love it when they're together :rolleyes: I'll tell you how i like those recipes by the end of this weekend!


usually when I'm at home with my mate Aussie (who's at my house regularly for marijuana related reasons), I whip up a meal of 4 n 20 (more like 420) chunky meat pies and a HUGE serving of deep fried chips.


Another beautiful and piss easy meal is this:


Get a beautiful fresh chicken breast snitzel (if your lazy get one from woolies thats already been cooked, all you need to do is nuke it.). Crumb your snitzel and grill it (i dont know how long, the only time i do this is stoned, i stand there and watch the chicken cook until i think its fully cooked). while its grilling have a bong, and add cheese to the top of your snitzel. once its finished grilling, put a dash of tomato paste on the top of the cheese, and put the whole snitzel on a bread roll.

its like a chicken parmijana, and it tastes brilliant too.


Im no chef i pretend to be no chef i want to be no chef, but this meal is a fuckin beauty!



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Is Drooling


Thanks Mate your making me fucking drool reading that stoned . anyway if your intrested in some quick and easy chillie meals when ya stoned ive got millions of quick n easy recipies like that , try this one on for size


chillie Pizza crackers



go up to your local supermarket and buy some Rice Cripz (like Jatz) pizza flavoured and buy a tin of Stags chillie .


Get ya rice cripzs as many as you want put them on a plate get a spoon of stag's chillie put it on the rice crips and since ya love cheese put a bit of cheese on the top and put it under the griller only for a few seconds .




Thanks again and tell me how those recipies go


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Guest Urbanhog

mmmmm.....sounds like you got a good idea, never thought about having a other area for "quick"n"easy" snacks to relieve the munchies!!


Usually when I get the muchies I usually have more cookies, canna-cakes, that munchies never end!! B) because my kitchen is FULL of POT FOODS, pesto, cookies, left over canna-meals frozen and defrosted in my micro, there's been few stages in my life when I ate canna-foods in every meal for 4 days straight in the Xmas Holiday season, pot for breakfast, pot for lunch, pot for dinner, pot for midnight munchies, went like this for 4 days, man, you should have seen me after 4 days, I was fucking cripplied like a damned retarded prick!! and my body was so WEAK as my body was pumped up full of THC's for the next 2 days afterwards....


Seems I have to start learning how to eat "normal pot-free" snacks :B):


feel free to bring more ideas of your quick'n'easy snacks cronic, but to be honest I am no fan of pre-made meals you get from supermarket, I guess you could call me a food snob, since I love cooking. But I guess there's plenty of members will like your idea cronic....cheers :rolleyes:

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one of my favourites is simply pasta with five brothers sauce and parmesan cheese. Cook up a big batch, put into bowls and put in the fridge and its there for you to nuke up any time in the next 2-3 days.


It requires absolutely no cooking expertise, which I have, tastes great and very filling. Not the healthiest of meals, but better than a bag of chips or 3-4 caramel drumsticks, which is what I usually turn to if there's not any decent food around.

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Guest Babybear
HEhe YUm! i find when your hight as a kite cookin is great i can cook up many storms , to some erm a bit weird, But i find if you have the most basic ingrediets an great music with a empty tummy makin food is great, My fav used to be makin diffrent sauces I have made a few soups/casarools with weed in it , an haha it kinda worked, Not on me as at that time i smoked way to much but my man at the time which isnt much of a smoker got fairly bent off it , it was a laughf,
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Really nice variation is to get backery bread esp the french loaf, melt a lot of butter crush in a garlic clove or two and smear that liberrally over the sliced bread. Stick in the oven in alfoil for say 10 mins wander back when hot and yum yum.

Guaranteed to clog those arteries but its worth it.

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:rolleyes: Here's what I sometimes make when I want something sweet in the evenings, I bake two bananas in (a lotta) butter, cut in pieces offcourse, and really heat it up good! When the bananas start to melt,...and the sugars in it start to caramelise,....I add an amount (that's personal, and different for everyones taste) of good old brown rhum, witch I put in fire,...(flambe). after the flames are out I also add some cream, stirr it a bit so I have baked banana with some kinda sauce that's very tasty,...and easy to make too....and on top of that some whipped cream and Xtra (brown candy) sugar !! man,...

.....................................***mjummie mjummie



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