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got some 4 week old plants just experimented a bit with 3 of them, topped 1, tied 1 plant down, and trimmed 1 plant back a bit which is growing some double leaf type thing i left on. done march 20 will have pics soon of this outdoor grow there getting every bit of sun when there is sun, there in a real good spot called my backdyard and my parents are pretty cool with it lol. have some pics soon and see how the progress is going... ;) :P
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sounds like a good idea but if actually experimenting it would prolly be a good idea if you had a few plants for each controlled variable and as the control, as there will be too many uncontrollable variables to have sound experiment with only one of each.


but it does sound interesting and i'll be following your topic

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Firstly the picture needs to be in JPEG (*.jpg) format and 102400 bytes (100 kilobytes) or less in size. If the picture is in another format I usually open it in Paint (Start/Programs/Accessories/Paint) and then use File, Save As, Save as type, to save the picture in JPEG (*.JPG,~~~*.JFIF) format. If the picture is still too large then I copy and paste the important part to a new file (File/New) and save it again.


I then go to the Oz Stoners topic I wish to reply to and click on the “New Reply” button (or start a New Topic) and type my message, the forums that allow pictures have a panel at the bottom of the screen (above the Post New Reply/Topic button) with the title “File Attachments”, you click on the “Browse…” button and then locate the picture to be uploaded on your hard drive and click “Open”, you will notice the path and file name in the window next to the “Browse…” button, (I have a dedicated folder and sub-folders on my hard drive just for pictures), when you have finished your post just click the Post New Reply/Topic button and the picture will be uploaded to Oz Stoners and included in your post.


I believe that there are other file formats for picture uploads but I only use JPEG.



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