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I am by no means an experienced grower, but will give my 2 cents.


Up until recently I couldn't tell the difference between a lot of the gear I smoked, and often I didn't even know what it was. However at the moment I do have a little C99 and some skunk (the guy didn't say what skunk exactly) and the difference is quite noticeable. On the skunk I am knocked out within the hour, and before that I can hardly move, which is sometimes OK but I prefer the C99 because I can remain active (and conscious) on the stuff. Also gives me a happy feeling that I don't get with the skunk.


I've also got some Malawi Gold seeds so I'd be interested to hear the opinion of anyone who has grown/smoked this before.


btw, if you haven't checked out Oz Co lately I suggest you do. I just checked this site and they have hundreds of strains available now! A far cry from what they used to have on offer. I don't know why any Aussie grower would want to deal with overseas seedbanks with this range now available.

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I wrote a huge post to this then I lost it cos I've got a piece of shit computer :angry:


Anyway, My first post had big descriptions of my favourite strains,This one much smaller .


Romulan, amazing mollases hash and celery flavour, good solid head stone, low yield. pure indica


Black Domina, real potent head stone, munchies inducing shit that'll put you to sleep,nice harsh hashy indica taste. Medium Yield, pure indica


Jack Herer, very potent sativa, amazingly low yield, but potent shit that'll get you paranoid, and thinking about stupid shit. nice flowery fruity taste. about 70% sativa


Flo, clearest sativa high I've had, relatively weak, but very active shit, and it is sorta anti-anxiety shit. nice harsh hashy spicey taste. low yield. about 60% sativa


Bubblegum, sweet sweet taste, kinda tastes like those Nerdalicious bars, potency and yield is good, but equal to Romulan in taste department, best value seeds too.

pure indica (?)


Romberry, Romulan with a sweeter taste, and better yield, its romulan x blueberry, mostly indica


Great White Shark, excellent yield, and very beautiful buds, very heavy frosting, the buds look like they are white. Soft fruity flavour and solid indica high. mostly indica , white widow x super skunk


Titan, Romulan with a excellent yield, taste is pretty much the same but not as strong, high is the same but not as strong, romulan x big bud, mostly indica.


Western Winds, this is Kali Mist, but Kali Mist has been hybridised so this is the real one, cheaper too, very nice buds, very low yield, but great speedy sativa high, and nice sweet spicey sativa taste, distinctive buds


Anyway those are my choices, I've grown about 50 or 60 named strains, currently I am growing Super Silver Haze which is meant to be damn good, almost the same lineage as Jack Herer but looks more indica dom and higher yield, in the 5th week of flowering.


Also, You can't judge strains from one person's point of view, as very few strains are stable for all traits, for example I think my AK-47 is a fairly average yielding strain but most think it has a good yield.


And this is by no means a good list to follow as I've said I've tried about 60 strains and their is over 1000 strains out there, I'm sure in 5 years my answer would be completely different

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Guest weekprik
I don't know why any Aussie grower would want to deal with overseas seedbanks with this range now available.



UMM isnt Buzz in Canada, so this doesnt really apply does it??

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I can't say I am the most experienced grower either , but meh.....


My all time favourite cash cropper was Budsalotis...a strain a mate of mine developed...it was essentially a F1 Durban Poison X Super Skunk....if anyone has these two strains seperate and wants to breed them, I say "GO FOR IT!!" I have never seen tighter, nuggier buds in my entire life. The F1 hybrid vigour is truly astounding. As for high, it's pretty much a slightly more cerebral Super Skunk hit.

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Guest Field_of_Light
Id have to say with my experience of only about 12 diff strains that for the vigour of the plant, fast flowering time and fairly good yield and great body stone smoke.....shiva shanti.....
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