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How's about a TCH Spag Bowl

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Guest Urbanhog

for more information, I have a receipe here, check out the link, it will take you to my "Stoned Bologanise Sauce" I usually add MJ after cooking the meats, veggies, I add when I add the tin of peeled Tomatoes and let the MJ simmer in the sauce for couple of hours for better flavour.... There's two receipes similar that ya can check out for more information....


Stoned Bolognese Pasta Sauce


Chucky Bolognese Sauce


Usually most of the time, I use my Canna-Pesto instead of mulled fine MJ.


Mr.Putard, this is one of the receipes where you can add fuckloads of Garlic if you wish.... :huh:


Cheers, Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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hi guys

there is another way to do spagetti

that is to add your MJ last like you do your cheese

just put some budds in your muller and sprinkle as much as you want ova your serve and gently mix thru...

hey presto ..

the MJ reacts with the oils in the spag and once digested the cannaboids go to work....happy cooking dudes.. :P WS


p.s to go with your spag everyone loves a bitt of garlic bread right well grab a french stick grab some canna butta add garlic and spread ova french stick bake for 5min and enjoy....if you dont have canna butta then go by a pre done garlic bread open and add some mulled up MJ spread ova evenly and bake ..MJ reacts with the butta releasing the goodies...enjoy :P

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