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Guest Urbanhog

Fuck.... the list is endless :huh:


I cant even be bothered to make a list .......


But Roasted Garlic as its whole, not peeled, skin still on, chuck in the oven along with roast lamb and fresh rosemary herbs....... my favorite.....


Garlic in pasta sauces, gravey, butters, oils, salads, veggies, everything........


Garlic in Pestos too.....




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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As I'm a wog myself, I can't live without garlic and onion and all those other goodies....


Just thought I'd add, if ya wanna roast garlic whole (which is the best way)...you can do them on their own and baste them with a sauce made up of butter and a little bit of honey and corriander....damn nice!!

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Really nice:


Bash some garlic until it turns into a thick paste and mix with plain yoghurt ( how much depends on how hot you like your garlic). Use this mixed paste as a marinate for chicken and throw on the barbie. taste awesome :)

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Guest Field_of_Light

Also with the roasting the garlic whole....you can add some olive oil to the outside of the whole bulb.....


Have you tried Aoli?


What about stuffing garlic bits under the skin of the next chicken you roast....AND some blue vein cheese....or get some garli powder and rub it over the chicken before you roast it (keeping in mind it can burn and taste a little bitter) Or just add the garlic pieces to the baking dish with chicken and let the fat from the chicken soften the garlic so it melts in your mouth


My fav is a garlic sandwich.....take about 5-6 cloves of garlic and a piece of cheese and place between two pieces of bread......yummy!


But dont go near anyone.....

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