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I know nothing about cloning - never done it before but figure i;ll need to soon.. just need a bit of pre-crop dodah... not too scientific but...


1. anyone got some picys of a branch where you would cut to make a clone? put a little purple or red mark/line where you would cut...

2. at what stage of development is it best to take your clone?

3. can you stick your clone in those little squares of seed raising material thats all over the place at hydro shops??

4. what is the optimal size of a new clone..

5. is it ok to clone from a pollenated female??


thanks, any imo's would help hugely ...putard


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To take the clones I use a sharp pair of scissors, some like to use a razor or a scalpel, I try to choose a branch that is growing in an inconvenient direction if possible and cut it off just above the third node from the end (I count the tip as a node) I then snip the cut end of the clone on a 45° angle, dip it in a rooting hormone and stick it into the growing media, I use perlite/vermiculite, others use medias like rockwool, soil or aero-cloners. If you tip your plants you could use those tips as clones too, just tip a node further down.



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hey thanks Tom, i was also wondering about the various stages of mother development you should take the clones. if i'm growing from seed all the time and i happen to find a female i want to keep, can I take a clone after i've harvested and if so, how long after...

thanks again, putard.

btw my apologies for posting off topic stuff elsewhere - just got a bit bored... no disrespect intended, esp to BB.

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Technically you could clone a plant you are about to harvest but I wouldn't recommend it, you would be better off pruning the head off the plant and re-vegging it, this is done by giving them 24/0 lights for a few weeks to force them back to veg and then take your clones.


I have taken successful clones up to 4 weeks into flowering.



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