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Son T 400watt Agro, $$/mnth on Power Bill

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Guest elefunk_delivers

not sure for your power bill.. but mine was close to

$477 a quater...

but im running 3 pcs and my house mate dose not often remeber to turn the lights out at night and sumtimes keeps the tv on.. 24/7 in his room..

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look on your power bill to determine how much you pay per kilowatt hour. (kWhr)


take that figure (in dollars) multiply by the wattage, then multiply by the time period in hours, then divide by 1000. then you have how much your light costs you for that time period.


for example if you had a 400watter, are paying 15c per kWhr your costs for a 24hour period would be 400Wx$0.15x24/1000 = $1.44 per 24 hours.


Also I believe the 400W Son-T actually draws 430W.

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That's right pipeman ;)

But if you want to know exactly how much power your light consumes then all you have to do is use this simple equation:

Power = Voltage X Current.

Your lights should have this information on them; Start current, and Run Current. If not the manufacturer will tell you this information.

Example: (based on my 400WHPS)

Power = 240Volts X 2.2Amps

So my light actually consumes 528Watts of power. You might think that is alot but it's not. Certainly wouldn't attract the attention energy aust.

But it is something to paranoid about when stoned, he he he ....

Later Ganga :D

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