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well,, im feeling pretty good about now,,,,,,,,,, hey tom,,, i was talking to me local hydro shop guy,,, he was cool as,,,, they got lights + plenty of different nutes,,, he said he only had one 400 in stock, but more coming, an lots of ballasts an reflector,,,,, i got quoted $200 bucks ," light reflector, ballast" he reckons, reflector $70, ballast $125, globe $65, or $200 the lot,,, i think is more than affordable,,,, didnt price the nutes,,,,, now to get a cupboard that breathes,,, nearly there boys, nearly there,,, over an out
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yeh,, i will go back on me next day off,,,,,,,hey, thanks for the info, u guys helped heaps,,,,,,,,, i know i cant give u hydro info, but anything i can do i will help,i do know my shit growing outside,, ,,, " im only just starting so i will need questions answered again probally,,,, over an out
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If you have grown outdoors then moving indoors is not going to be that hard, the plant still grows the same but you have to manage its environment, it really isn't hard at all.



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