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to vapourise or not to vapourise?

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hey smoky, I think the ones they sell at Off Ya Tree are the same as mine. If they are I can highly recommend them, I've been using mine for over 6 months now without a problem.


In terms of price you could probably find them a little cheaper if you hunted around, but $150 isn't a bad price.


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hey smoky, I reckon thats about 1/4 cone. in terms of the high, I'm probably the wrong person to ask as I'm a newbie smoker and haven't had a lot of experience with bongs. but from my little experience I really can't tell the difference. except that I use a lot less gear and don't need to cough up a lung on my vape.
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Hey guys!


I've been thinking about getting a vap for my girlfirend, she has never smoked and hates taking hits so I have to make cookies all the time and I don't want them going on :) her hips :huh: :D


How much was that vap you had in the pic pipeman or have you got a link to a web site? You say that shop is called "off ya tree"?




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Check out the link that Tom included above. It links to another post about my experiences with vap's. After many months research I ordered an Aromazap from the US. Including a power transformer (from Dick Smith's) it cost around $200 but it's a beautiful unit - to use and to leave in your loungeroom. If you want to find out about more recent models just do a search on Overgrow.com.


Buster, if your girlfiend doesn't like smoking (I don't particularly) she'll love the 'zap - it's cooler and smoother.

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hey buster, the aromazap that Gruntus talks about sounds like a better unit, but my simple vape works great for me. I bought it for $140 I think from a cigar shop. The one in Vulture St West End if you're in Brisbane.


Someone else posted that Off Ya Tree sell them too. They have stores in a few major cities.

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