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Hi, I am a relatively new grower, I have grown before with limited success, only a few plants tho, now for my problem, i dug a patch and put in potting mix and cow manure, water crystals and osmocote (slow release fertilizer) I sprouted my seeds in seedling containers and while i was waiting i put 4 star pickets around my fence, i put 4 pieces of barbed wire around the pickets and strained the wire, the wire is around 15cm apart from each peice going up the pickets, when 9 of my seedlings sprouted i transfered them to my patch, this was the first day, when i went down the second day i noticed one more seed had sprouted, so i planted it too, all the plants were fine then,...when i went down today, (3rd day) something had taken all the tops off my seedlings which were in the patch, the stems were all left standing, not one of them broken, the plants are in a bare area in a bit of a gully, everything around it is covered by tall green grass due to recent rain, which leads me to believe that it is not grasshoppers, also the way i have the wire set up, it is hard to believe that an animal could put it's head over, or something as small as a rabbit or a cat could go under the barbed wire without getting some hair caught on the wire, and that what happened, no hair on the wire...also i found some cat poo which could have been a few days old around 15 metres from the site, also, there was a small seedling in one of the sprouting pots that had not been touched, but if the animal or whatever came in on day 2 night that seedling might not have been up...please help, if anyone could tell me what it was and how to fix it, or if anyone can give me any info at all i would appreciate it a lot....thanks in advance....


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