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Another Quick & Easy Meal

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[glow=red]Another Quick & Easy Meal [/glow]




Now like me im one lasy ass Stoner i like quick and easy shit to make if im not in a cooking mood . so i thought i would recomend a few things .


1. At Home Laksa Kits


if you guys love Asian Food but are to stoned to drive to pick some up , then try these they absoulety rule . Its like a Satay Coccanut soup . only extra ingredients needed is your choice of Chicken or beef or seafood to add to the mix . However fairly expesnive to buy on a regular basise


7 Out Of Ten Stars



2. Cole's Frozen Burito's


Now every stoner knows Mexican food kicks ass and these buritos are no diffrent instead of using all the effort to make one of those Old El Tacco kits . pick a couple of pre made burito's from cole's frozen food section.


thier cheap to , Not much for flavour though but deffently a cheap investment to get the muchies with


5 out of 10 stars



3. Contiental - Macornie and cheese (family Sized Packets)


now dont ever both with the smaller packets aint enough in one serving while your stoned just go with the family size packet. not much preaperation either just add milk and butter and put in the microwave .


its also another cheap way to eat when you got the munchies averages between $2- $3 a packet , WARNING HIGHLY ADCTIVE :P


6 Out Of 10 Stars


4. Corned Beef & Cranberrie Juice


Now if you dont like Spam dont even bother with eating corned beef however cheap it may be to eat , it has a very high salt content and very very very high Fat content as Decliouse the stuff may be . now even though the average corned beef cost a meer $1 something a tin its that feeling you dont need anything




and the cranberrie Juice just really finsishes it off nicely a Very cheap and filling meal if you dont mind the high fat content :P


8 Out of Ten Stars


5. HOME MADE CLUB BLT'S (Bacon , Lettece & Tamato)



Now a very easie thing to make wich alot of people forget about . Now you dont have to make it a club but when i get the munchies i get the munchies . so all you do is fry your bacon . slice tamato , get some lettece and then toast your bread . if you want you can add other things to like cheese , ham and manayoise get creative guys :P . but its up to you thats the basic BLT



10 out of 10 stars




Cronic La Jar Jar

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