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Top 50 of cannabis consuming countries

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The following table shows you the : Annual prevelance of abuse of the population aged 15 and above. The figures are the results of a UN research project. The total of marijuana smokers worldwide is 147 million, according to this report.


Top 50 Countries in Cannabis Consumption, worldwide.


1. Papua New Guinea 29.5%

2. Micronesia Fed. State 29.1%

3. Ghana 21.5%

4. St.Vincent Grenadines 18.6%

5. South Africa 18.4%

6. New Zealand 18%

7. Australia 17.9%

8. Sierra Leone 16.1%

9. Zambia 15%

10.Nigeria 14.4%

11.Ireland 9.4%

11.United Kingdom 9.4%

13.El Salvador 9.2%

14.Canada 8.9%

15.USA 8.3%

16.Mali 7.8%

17.France 7.4%

17.Morocco 7.4%

19.Mauritius 7%

19.Switserland 7%

19.Spain 7%

22.Dominican Rep. 6.9%

22.Zimbabwe 6.9%

24.Germany 6%

24.Iceland 6%

24.Italy 6%

27.Honduras 5.9%

28.Brazil 5.8%

29.Chile 5.7%

30.Colombia 5.6%

31.Belgium 5.5%

32.Egypt 5.2%

33.Austria 5%

34.Chzech Rep. 4.8%

35.Slovenia 4.4%

35.Denmark 4.4%

35.Greece 4.4%

38.Iran 4.2%

39.The Netherlands 4.1%

40.Kenya 4%

40.Luxembourg 4%

40.San Marino 4%

43.Namibia 3.9%

43.Croatia 3.9%

45.Norway 3.8%

45.RussianFed. 3.8%

47.Argentina 3.7%

47.Portugal 3.7%

49.Ukraine 3.6%

49.Phillipines 3.6%


Source: United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.



The Netherlands are heavily criticised for having cannabis available through coffeeshops, all other countries do not have any regulated outlets. The UN recently addressed the Netherlands, to complain about the Tolerance system and the coffeeshops, because the coffeeshops are visible and easy to address. The UN did not address any of the other countries on this list about their availability and use of cannabis. The UN can stuff its comments, for all I care.


Nol van Schaik.

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Disappointing?? I don't think so at all! :P


Remember, the table shows:


Annual prevelance of abuse of the population aged 15 and above.


I would think that due to the youth programs such as those that tboat is involved in, that the mj abuse rates would be very low and that they would accordingly rate quite low as well. This would also be due to the amount of good (ie., free of BS) information that the people are given and through public education and awareness.

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