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What is the difference?


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Different methods of measuring temperature, sort of like inches and centimetres. Some thermometers will show both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Using the Fahrenheit scale water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 deg, using Celsius water freezes at zero deg and boils at 100 deg.


Deg F = ((C x 9) / 5) + 32, 100 x 9 = 900 / 5 = 180 + 32 = 212.


Deg C = ((F - 32) x 5) / 9


Hope this helps.



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To convert Fahrenheit temperatures into Celsius:


Begin by subtracting 32 from the Fahrenheit number.

Divide the answer by 9.

Then multiply that answer by 5.


Here's an example: Change 95 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius: 95 minus 32 is 63. Then, 63 divided by 9 is 7. Finally, 7 times 5 is 35 degrees Celsius. Time to go to the beach!


To convert Celsius temperatures into Fahrenheit:


Begin by multiplying the Celsius temperature by 9.

Divide the answer by 5.

Now add 32.


Here's an example: Change 20 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit: 20 times 9 is 180. Then 180 divided by 5 is 36. Finally, 36 plus 32 is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. That would be a pretty comfortable outside temperature for taking a walk!!

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