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Blood & bone

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Hi everyone :P

I have been lurking around here for a while & have finally decided to join.Yep,u guessed it~I have a question....?Actually,I have <i>many</i> questions.....but I will start with the main ones~At this late stage of the game should one be adding more ferts?Any special ones?

Also,I tied 'em down ages ago but we got a bit of wind & I noticed yesterday that one stem had split from the trunk,I tied it back together (as it was not totally snapped)Do y'all think this is OK or may it force it into a boy (Nnnnooooooooooooooooooo).

Would appreciate any info,advice anyone may have~Also,is there a page that tells u how to post pics?

Thanks again.....PEACE~~~~~~~~~ONE LOVE~~~~~


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Hi, and welcome to Ozstoners.


My first ever grow was in soil and I accidently split a large stem, it wasnt completely broken off so I taped it together and it survived ok.


Posting pics here is pretty simple......Go to "File attachments", click on the "browse" button then go to the folder that has the title of the pic you want to upload and double click on it.


Your pic will be attached and ready to upload with the rest of your post.

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Guest bacchus

have to agree with above comments....

while any kind of breaks/splits will cause the plant some stress, chances of survival can be pretty good if taken care of...

i use medical dressing tape on my plants and it works wonders....

to see that a plant can really survive breakage see my post in growing techniques forum "exercise in tying down"

this plant has not only put up with my vigorous tying down, but early in it's life it was virtually snapped in half in a storm and then split again from tying...the plant is stunted but is starting to flower...and is largely healthy.. :P

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Hey dudes......WOW~Thanks for the response *smiles*,Can u tell I have been a member of an un-named overseas growing forum,(not for pot) & it was near impossible to get an answer.......

ANYWAY~Baccus~I had a squizz at ur pics,& if that split "healed" itself the one I have should be sweet~thanks my friend.

Buddy~Thanks for the welcome & pic info.Much appreciated.

Herb~You must have joined up just before me mate according to the member numbers...Thanks~I'll try the honey also,I can afford to "play" with a couple.thanks mate.

Thank you all,I really do appreciate this,hopefully I can one day return the favour.



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