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Help with lighting setup

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Okay people now i have some serious gear and need some help.


I have got a 600W MH, 400W HPS and a 150W HPS. (


All this will goto a big cupborad.


For the veg i plan on using the MH and the 150W HPS but they will be in a fixed postion (will be able to move up or down but no side to side). So some plants will get only MH, some will get both the HPS and MH and some only HPS.


Is there anything i can do so the plants get best of the MH and the HPS. I know about those things that move the lights but as stated they are going in a cupborad.


But the real question is do u think it would be better to have Just the MH for veg and the 2 HPS for the flowering.


please help

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Use the 150w for starting clones/seeds off.

Use the 600w MH for veg.

Use the 400w HPS for flowering.


If your grow area is more than 8 - 9 square feet you should consider getting a second 400w HPS for flowering or a horticultural globe that will work in your 600w MH ballast, mixing wattages will give you an uneven grow.



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Mixing HPS and MH in flowering can give you very tight compact rock like buds if you do it right.


But in your situation Swing would get a 600w HPS conversion lamp for your 600w MH lamp, they cost about 100 bucks, and have the best of both worlds!


Just make sure you swap the shades and lamps every few days to get even growth or put a peice of chicken wire inbetween the plants to divide of the 400w from the 600w lights to stop the plants under the 600w shading the ones under the 400w.

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My cupboard is not that big.


So mixing the 600 MH and the 150W is not the best idea. So it would b better to use the 150W for clones. But i thought that MH and flouros were better for clones rather than HPS.


I might just move the 150 HPS around in the veg room, with the 600MH constantly on. ie have the HPS on the left for a couple of days then move it to another place than get a cycle going.


What does everyone think

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