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Lots of busts

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Guest Babybear

in my town they have a sting goin named "operation Koan" in the local papper today 4 were busted prossessing dangerouse drugs an drug related utensils , 1 of those ppl was a woman ages were 23-35


now that kinda worrys me , i dont have the weed , but i have a bong an some pipes, they wont bust me just for that would they ,guess thats why u dont tell ppl what u have hey :D


i have also herd from hear say ppl are workin wiht he cops an the public in this more then we thik , ie a noname was offerd 3 weeks rent free at a uni lodge if helped in a bust (not just weed, more for the amfetermeans they sell) well i know its wrong to dob an all but the only reason Noname an other are willing to help is that they have had to on numoruse time withhold him from beatin up "inosent ppl" some an most were females

man this world is just so "F**KED UP"

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Guest Urbanhog

Maybe the reason there's a lot of busts.... simply because the growers couldnt keep their damned traps shut and couldn't stop bragging to their "so called mates" down the pub. :D


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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