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When do i put my seedlings under

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You don't really need hid lights till the first real leaves grow and the plant starts using nutrients. Probably at about a week for most strains. Just start the light off high and gradually lower it over the first week until its about 30 -40 cm off the tops. And make sure you ventilate properly.

Good luck


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Although, having said that, as soon as you move those,

start another crop under the flouros and grow them in there until the current crop has finished. Then you should be able to put the new batch of seedlings or clones straight into flower when you pull the current batch out to dry. So, if there's nothing in your flowering cabinet right now, get em in there.



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Thx for the replys guys. This is my first real crop so i'm still trying to figure it all out, I'll take some pics of my system soon. The seeds have now come up and there about 2 inch's high. Th round leaves are right out and i can see the mull shaped leaves starting to grow. I'm gunna different things with different plants like.... put some under the fluruo for a month. some straight in under the HPS and some in under the MH.

is it true that with mj plants u can leave the lights on 24/7 all the time? and can u do it when ur this young? cuz i need to grow as quick as i can. I have parents to hide the plants from. joy joy.

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Guest GrowMad

If you gotta grow em quick Yam, I would put all of them under the MH. These lamps are meant to be better for veg stage (I use a 400w Sunmaster Super Deuxe HPS though). And maybe tranfer them under the HPS lamp for flowering.


I just gotta ask though. Do u live with your parents? If so, how are u gonna hide that sort of a setup from them? How will u hide the power bill?

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it's a hard setup to explain which is why i need to take pics. The reason the power bill won;t stick out is cuz i have a recording studio in my parents house and with the amount of equipment in there, she draws a bit of power.

14 of 18 seeeds popede up for me, you i got no many and need to get rid of some. hehehe there already 2 inch's high. yay.

there about 15 cm's under the fluruo. this won;t make them stretch will it? a few of them already look stretched...

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Hey guys, i have a few seedlings atm, with the 2nd set of leaves growing (serrated), theyre just growing in a seedling box in soil in the sun.

i`m using charlie carp fert weak strength.


I have a bank of 5x 20 watt fluros off an old fishtank and want to know if theres any dvantage of taking them outta the sun and placing them under the fluros?

if so, at what on/off cycle?


also , can u tell me the best fert to use at this stage?



BTW, i live in brisbane, so fost isnt an issue.

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