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Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Sup guys if u guys have noticed, ive just currently pulled all my plants and i was wondering wots the perfect way to dry them out without losing any THC..?

ive currently cut them all off and put them in rolls of newspaper an stored away on a shelf i the dark..

they seem to b drying fine but i also want to know if ii can speed up the process..?

any1 got any drying tips...

ive baged sum weed up too soon and ive noticed sum white mold build up how do i get rid of it..?

its on slight so it can b saved..?

pls any advice would b wicked..


Much respect

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The slower you dry the better the finished product will be! Patience it WILL be worth it.

not worth speeding the drying process imo but thats just me.


As for moldy buds, cut all effected areas from the bud and allow to dry for longer befor storing.

Dont forget 2 week cure. (I think thats very important)

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Guest Urbanhog

I prefer to hang my plants upside down, in dark cool place with plenty of fresh air flow......


I dont like the idea of wrapping up the buds in the newspaper... the chemicals from the black ink might affect the taste of the buds... thats just me, in my own opinion....


Yeah the longer you cure them the smoother the smoke you will have....


While ago I found a bag of buds that I totally forgot about them, and they were like 6 months old... fuck that was a good smoke, extremely smooth.




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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i recomend tying string across a room and hanging them upsidedown from the string with a clothes peg. make sure the room is dry and preferably dark. leave them there for at least a week.

or if u cant use a room lay them flat in a draw one layer at a time otherwise flat spots may occur.


cut the mould effected area off.


also don like the idea of newspaper

good luck

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I hang mine in a cool dark place (usually a cupboard) until the fan leaves are dry and brittle, clip them off and then rehang until the smaller buds are dry/brittle to touch.


Some buds especially the larger ones will be still a little moist in the middle at this time, I place them in a brown paper bag - not packed - and gently shake/turn the buds every one or two days.


When pretty much dry I place them in a sealed containter, if there is still a little moisture in the larger buds at this stage you need to check them regulary (like every day) for mould.


They're completly dry when the stem "snaps" you can now smoke away. but its still better if you can seal up the product and wait for a while longer.


Some estimates Ive seen written up reckon about 6 to 10 weeks from harvest to finished product



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