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The Emporer Wears No Clothes

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After gathering my jaw from the floor I was amazed to find most of "social prejudices" I believed about hemp are false and has been manufacture to influence politics, manufacturing and primary produce to the incredible determent of the planets ecosystem. These lies concerning the flowers narcotic effects are so deep set that even people who regularly smoke mull are afflicted. I was also deeply disturbed by how these lies are directly endangering the planet and the future of all life on Earth. What am I talking about? The cause is a web site called “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” By Jack Herer and a story about the NORML Director’s recent encounters with the DEA.

The lies? Well they are many and detailed with false researches and dubious testimonies. The fact is that Hemp can replace most of our modern fibre production (for clothes, paper), produce dietary proteins oils (hemp is one of the riches sources of natural proteins and oils), the biomass can be converted to methane to power our cars and industry (at a much cheaper, environmentally friendly process), reduced green house emissions from increase annual yields, reduction of acid rains, soil erosion and even the ozone layer! An acre of hemp produces over 4 times the plant fibre than trees. Also hemp can be grown in almost any ecosystem and is resistant to UV radiation so will grow in ozone damaged areas. As Hemp has been the most common and used plant throughout history with over 400 compounds believed to be beneficial to humans! It has also been used as currency up until the late 19th century. Unfortunately because of the DEA these 400 compounds have been illegal even for legal researches to perform medical studies with. The exception was Delta-9-THC for certain institutions who found it to work almost as well as raw extract in a small percentage of cases.

These revelations have determine me to teach the world the truth behind these lies and help the great hero’s of today like Ed Rosenthal and Frank Herer by establishing a data base of hemp facts and histories. This information given freely must surely convince someone to help save the ecosystem. At least makes those in charge aware of their guilt of the destruction of the planet through their stupidity. Our greatest crime is our unquestioning believe in recorded “facts”. As I have just been taught (and have always been told) Never Believe Everything You Read Or See On TV without making some private enquiries to confirm it either way.


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