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Stupid Guy Porks 400watt HID

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Well Guys, It seems ive done the stupidest thing possible by just being a dick and not thinking..


This afternoon i was checking up on my sprouts when i remebered the guy at the hydro store saying "Run a cloth over your globe often to keep dust, finger prints and stuff of it so it doesnt ghet hot in spots"


So me being the lazy shit i am not seeing any cloths in site took off my shirt and went to wipe the globe. (while it was on lol)


The shirt is i think from the burn marks left Nylon of sumthing


So yeah now im left with some kick ass melted and burnt on nylon simular to what happens on an iron when u iron sumthing nylon..


Currently i have my 400wat SON-T wrapped in a damp cloth which was soaked in turps.


I think ive lost my globe but does anyone have any tips on possible ways to remove the stuff.


I thought that turn the globe on and wiping it would melt it again but i dont wanna take any stupid chances and blow something up or start a fire.






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Guest Urbanhog

TIP - never get stoned when checking out your new growing and setting up your growing kits and lights..... :P


don't like the idea of using turbs....


get very clean cloth, I mean VERY CLEAN cloth rub with methyalted spirits or "metho" as its known here in OZ.


do it when the lights globe is switched off and cooled.


Rub it slowly off with metho....


when the light is on, try to not touch it not even a sweat of drop or water spray... you might shatter the fuck out of it, and you will end up having to buy a new globe.....


Silly fella you are... heheh but least you learnt from your mistakes in the hard way... it wont happen again wouldn't it? :lol:




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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g'day; unless your in the habit of touching bulb when light is off, you should never need to wipe finger marks off bulb after you screw it into fixture.

pick plastic off with finger nails or stanley blade, try not to scratch bulb too much. marks on bulb will not cause noticable difference to growing plants.

1 thing to always remember.....if it is hot, dont touch it ::):

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