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lol I watched not too long ago on some news that a person that smokes and a skitzo have the same Deficiencies in the brain. Effecting the way we speak, think, and see things...

In a Way i reakon thats troo...

Cause when im stoned im a different person, Laughing at everything, sometimes seeing shit, doing things more slow, or if im on happy weed, im doin things too fast...

Its kind of like the other person, my skitzo side...

Just wondering what all yous think about it and to hear your veiws..

Its more interesting then i would of thought. :P

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That is fairly true, because THC is an agonist for seratonin (ie resembles it) and is readily accepted by the brain. Once there, it does induce a mild kind of psychosis that is similar to schizophrenia.

All the major hallucinogens have this effect, and really it is the amount of the hallucinogen the determines wheather you are just stoned or tripping of your face.

I sure there are some differences in experience between DMT (what schizophrenics have) and THC, but I gaurentee that with enough THC it would have a very similar effect to a LSD trip with a total loss of reality.

But don't worry because smoking pot does not cause schizophrenia, only resembles it.

The only people who this happens to are people with a pre dispostion for developing this disease, but so can a number of other things trigger schizophrenia as well.

So smoke up an be skitzed :huh:

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i have manic depression and taking pill is REALLY SHIT HOUSE .smoking dope seems to help my cause i have been smoking for about 15 years but if i run out(like now way to dry it's scary)i get very depressed .i was told by a qwack once that taller people have less seratonin in the brain(i'm 6 ft 4) and dwarfs also have the same probs.my dad also suffers from manic depression so i dont think it's the weed givn me the problems(only when it's dry)but im not gona say that weed is 100% good for you ,ppl have to make up there own mind if they smoke or not but if ya got a mental prob and you get bad affects from smoking it it may not be the drug for you.but i know sofar that its better than the half a dozen differnt drugs the doc's have tryed me on just whished i could get a $3.60 script for the stuff.hope all this makes sence.happy herb.
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Grow your own, it's simple really.


I have been trying to find out more information about the effects of mj on people with schizophrenia and bipolar, all the research I have come across is seriously flawed, i.e.: the control group in one test was all people with schizophrenia, a small group of them had an increase in paranoia so the result was that it was not good for sufferers of schizophrenia. I am sure most people can discredit that "research" without too much effort.



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I watched not too long ago on some news that a person that smokes and a skitzo have the same Deficiencies in the brain. Effecting the way we speak, think, and see things...

yar i saw a show on catalyst (ABC) AnouncA about that too... but i thought it was crazy because the subjects they used smoked 50 cones a day... wow i thought... i wouldn't smoke no where near as much as that.. and i usually don't smoke every single day... got school and shit to do... hhehe,.. sometimes thou school can be really shit, but yar... i used to have serious clinical depression, a few years ago... then i tried weed, hehe... and now i'm not depressed at all... i found it worked fine for me... i never took pills for it.. i didn't want that... but i feel for you happy herb... it must be shit... hmm... i'm 6'4" so if you're shrink was right then i've probably got a seratonin defiency too.....


i don't know about other people, but i find that weed brings a sense of peace to me, "it's all good".. ehhe.. i enjoy the level of thinking that you can obatain on weed... the sterotypical world that we live in dissapears, and life is full and enjoyable.. and not always when i'm on weed now, but it showed me the other side to thinking... without the structure that growing up in society has given us.. i can think free and pure thoughts... hmm.. hehe... but yar.. enuf rambling from me... good to hear all your thoughts people... enjoyed i must say... keep em commin..


toke it and pass around,



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:huh: By the way I also suffer from manic depression, and it has always helped me. I love the stuff, always have, and always will. I also know schizophrenic people that use pot to allievate the problems, without any problems, but none of them smoked 50 cones a day!

Didn't see the doucumentary my self, but it sounds like their scientific reasoning is similar to the cannabis-monkey experiment, where they concluded that pot was more addictive than herion. What a joke!

Had the assholes conducing the experiment ever met a herion addict or pot smoker, I doubt it.

Their scientific reasoning was completely flawed to start off with, most likely this kind of work is carried out by companies who are trying to create an experiment that will support the propaganda that the government is pushing onto the ignorant public, who laps it up.

The fact is that extensive research has been carried out in the past, and they have not been able to prove that pot is really that harmful, for example some people believe that you can develop pot psychosis from smoking pot, and while this is true, what they don't tell anyone is the amount of pot that you would have to consume to achieve this. That is why the only real recorded cases are in third world countries like India, where they smoke huge amounts of hash on a daily basis. But it makes a good news headline "I smoked marijuauna and got cannabis psyhosis" Fuck this war on drugs :angry:

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well,,, i actualt wrote this post last night,, but when i went to post it , the server was down so here it is,,,,,ummmmm,, been reading the above posts, and although, im not in a manic depression, or ever have been, guess im lucky,or a skitza,,,, but have had several freinds whose suffered these, and other freinds who were skitz,, some took pills, some didnt,, some who took their pills were fine, till they didnt take them, and they are no longer here now,,but we all smoked weed,, but reading happy's posts, im kinda like him,,, i have smoked nearly everyday for years,and not just a cone a day,, i can smoke primo hydro 24/7, and personly i felt like him,, like everything seem ok, as long i had a bag of weed,,,,now here is where im different, and by saying this i dont wanna get kicked outta here or make enemies, if u really knew me, we could talk,also im not a doctor and people will proberly beable to rip holes in what im saying,, but im totaly against people who smoke pot being called druggies or drug addicts,,, everyone is different, we all need different amounts of weed to feel the effect we want,, but ,, sometimes people need to see what there doing,, i mean,,,, " and i know happy, u did have deppresion and im stoked u dont wanna take them pills, i wish the freinds i had didnt" but if someone cant feel right about themselves or the world, without weed, then that isnt that weed slightly addictive,, or atleast, the person is using it as a social crutch,,, and regard less of what other illness it is used to help is causing a side effect to the person,,, i mean its only cones or joints, and if not being able to get it is affecting ur life,, then isnt that bringing another problem in, " 1 the original depression,, 2 the affect of not getting weed, be it depression,stress,anger,loss of control,,,,,,now back to the addict bit,,,,,,,i really dont think pot is addictive as any of the illegal or LEGAL pharmicutiacals or drugs out there,, but if someone cant go long without pot before there whole outlook on life an themselves changes majorly,, then " houston we have a problem",,,, and that person needs to have a look at what there doing to themselves,,, here is where i fuk up, and i can kinda make it make sense in my own head but getting it out is hard," duh me denske",,,, but very regular pot smokers are not drug addicts,, they dont usually breakanenter to buy weed,, they dont really get pyhisicaly sick if they dont smoke,, eg, people who have herion or other harder drug problems,,,, i thinks its is proberly more a severe habbit,, we get used to feeling stoned,, and our mysterious minds trick us,, i dont think anyone can tell u what is going on in someone elses mind,let alone there own,,,,,,,,,, peronally,, i find every now and then a break from smoko, is good,,i never like it for the first few days, it is very hard to sleep, and really, i usually feel kinda slightly stoned for a day or so anyways,,not like ive just had billys ,but i feel something,,,, then a couple of days later im right,, sleep is normal, im sharp as a knife at work, and ive usually saved a shitload of money and this can go on for a while,,, till i score a bag of weed,, then i promise my self, dont hang for more when this finishes, but i always do,,,also,,,,, maybe this is just me talking here,,,, but when im smoking , i can smoke an go to work, i can totaly function well,,, even people i know say it, i will sit down rip 10 cones and pretty much be fine, bent in the head but can function,,, but when i have a break, and start smoking again, im really fuked, smashed of my face, eyes that red, i would dream of going anywhere,, and only of a few cones,,, i know weed builds up a tolence in ur body, maybe this iswhat people"denske included" who really need to smoke weed alot need to look at??,,,,,,,,,,,, now i didnt wanna offend anyone as im ripping on myself in most of this,,,, its just how this smoker is seeing things,,,,,, please post back to this,,,, and i hope people can understand what im trying to say,,,,it 4am here and ive had a busy night , so i mighta fuked bits up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,overanout,,,,,, everyones friend DENSKE
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