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whats the best?

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Guest Urbanhog

its bit hard for us to say because we are Aussie based and we have many ferts here in Australia dont sell in USA, even we have few USA owned stuff here like Miracle-Grow and Superthrive, etc..


Just look at the fert packet in your local hardware or nursery store or even the supermarket and you will notice the N.P.K rating which means Nitrogen (for the greenth/growth), Phosphorous (for the roots and stems) and Potassium (for fruiting/flowering).


Usually try find two good ferts one for the veg stage and other for the flowering stage, for example, a good vegetive stage fert will have a rating of something like 25,13,12... this is just a rough idea (In the N,P,K order) find ferts with high N for veg stage then when flowering find ferts with something like 12,13,25 with high K for the flowering growth.


Also try find good ferts with added minerals like iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn), Boron ( B ), and Molybdenum (Mo), etc they only come in tiny traces amounts, but important part of the plant's growth, just like us humans, we need bit of minerals like Iron for our blood etc etc etc to keep ourselves healthy. lol


Also, importantly, just because ferts are for aiding the plants growth, dont think "if I add twice as much twice as regular it will grow twice as fast..." this isn't true, in fact you will kill them or even slow their growth tenfold.... try to use ferts something like every 3rd watering in soils, and flush plenty in other days to prevent the salt build ups in the soil from the ferts.


Hope helps.....


goodluck :P


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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hey Blazin, wazzup...

for the indoor if you're goin hydro just make sure you get a nutrient mix specifically for hydro - most come in a two part setup you mix later. Salt fertilizers are the cheaper option - such as plantastic, dutch majik, and are

usually around 20 bucks AUS for two x 1 litre bottles.

Bio mixes are a little dearer, but require less flushing and a little larger yield. - ie Biomix and Headrush.

Lastly are organic mixes such as Earth Juice and Living Liquid. They are pretty impressive in grow power, but are usually smellier and messier, so not so good for small apartment setups.

Hope some of this helps.

Grow on.


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Swings choice is:-


1- General Hydroponics (three part system) pre mix liquid - dearest of them all, but by far the best because you can control growth/flore better.


2-Cana Veg/Flore (two part system) - Second choice, for ease of use, and high yeild.


3-Doctor Indoors - two part powder nutrient - good choice for those who want a decent nutrient at a cheaper price.


Other additivies:-


Monstor bud - use at start of flore to promote more budding sites.


Canna PK 13-14 - use in the middle of flore when the buds are really putting weight on and sucking heaps of water.


monstor Tonic - use at the middle to end of flore to increase weight and resign content and aroma of buds



Tip:- last week of flore run just plain water and change water daily.


Then last 48 hours no water at all, and finaly


Last twelve hours give then plain water with some flavor added ie vanilla, orange , mango ect


Makes for some really nice smoke! - And most important no morning hangovers!

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