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i finally got my light

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how far away shold the light be from the plants? I'm pretty sure i've heard ppl say before that u just put the light as close to the plants as u can without burning them.... is that for HPS and fluruos?

atm i am just using Glo Lux 36 watt tubs over a few tomato plants that came up. (my little experiemant till i can get some mj seeds GRRRRRRRRR). anyway. I'm jsut not sure on the light sich.



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For fluorescents you set them about 2" (5cm) above the plants.


For HID's:


To set the light to grow height, start at 45cm/18" above the plants, hold your hand palm down level with the top of the plant for a few minutes. If it feels too hot on the back of your hand the light is too close, if cool then it's too far away. If it's pleasantly warm and it feels as if you could hold your hand there all day then it's OK.



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For those of you reading this since 2003, on the light distance Tom's suggestion is very good. Also don't forget to raise the Halide or HPS periodicly as the plants grow taller. I don't mean to have you think I think :whistle: that you are dumb, but a for new grower it might not occur to them to do that untill a plant or two is burned. When I 1st started I made what could be called dumb mistakes (like using a bit too much iron to raise my soil PH lol & burning some plants lol ) but if you learn from them that mitigates the dumb part. :peace:


Don't be afraid to ask Q's. :scratchin: The only dumb Q is the one that is not asked. :doh:


Good luck & BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TALK TO ABOUT YER GROW (ON ANOTHER FORUM SOME ONE SAID "tHE 1ST RULE OF GROW CLUB IS WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT GROWW CLUB!") unless you can trust the person with yer life. lol Whoever knows about yer grow has yer future in their hands.


Got off subject a bit I did lol !


Good luck to all!



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