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not good news

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hey all , had a most distressin visit to my ladies in the fact that they had grown legs and walked , all 18 packed there bags and moved , i would really like to now who helped them move but alas in this game prospects don't look good! so word of warnin " no matter how careful and discret u think your being there is always some 1 searchin for your plants " 1 word for them" Bastards" :P on a good note my later crop is still at this stage safe and growin well , here is sum pics , can anyone tell me what family they derive from .

take care all and safe growin.

bushy :angry:


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Guest bacchus

hey bushy....i am sooo sorry to hear about your walkabout lady friends......bloody bastards... :angry:

obviously a nice sat. of some sort, other than don't know a lot about cannagenetics, couldn't pick a particular strain....

i hope you have more luck with this lot....

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that would shit me to tears, but at the same time i would have to snicker at the mindless cumjunky that stole immature plants... quite frankly if i can't have them, no1 else should to, couldv'e been worse... couldv'e went walkabout a day before you were going to harvest :D i think i'd have to be forcably removed from my fetal position crying on the floor to a straight jacket if that happened to me ::P:

Bastards, best of luck with the next crop bushy mate.

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I just recently lost one of my outdoor ladies to walkabout syndrome, a particularly nice sativa clone which was only maybe 2 weeks from full maturity. :D I'd had problems outside with spider-mite tho, and as a result I'd only sprayed a week before with wettable sulphur. This had the added bonus of making me wait until the sulphur had dissipated and been washed by rain and handspraying over time. If they smoke the stuff, I have a feeling karma will be catching up with them a lot sooner than they think. ::P: I hope they cough for a month off the stuff....


Anyway, that's ended my outdoor growing until I move later this year, I just can't be assured of their security anymore. :P Ce' La Vie.

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