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pls help


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hey all can anyone pls give me an idear what strain this mite be it is from an unknow seed, it is 25days old i was thinking of budding at 35days dose this sound to soon, i am asking because when i use to grow outdoors i would force bud at about 6 weeks and allways worked out well for me but this indoors is a diffrent thing i have read and heard so many diffrent things any and all help would be grate ;)



ozmade ;)


bong on aussie

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I would say that it is a sativa dominant which would also mean a longer flowering period, with indoor sativas I switch to 12/12 when the plants are 1/3 of the available grow height, they can more than double their height during flowering.


Also from the photo it looks like you may have some nutrient burn on the leaves, the browning and grey edges is usually an indication of too much fertiliser.



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Guest Urbanhog

Argee with Tom here.


Yeah try to flush with water more often,I usually fert them every 3rd watering, i mean water, water, fert, water, water, fert, etc.... as I grow in soil too. Worked well for me. Some fert every 2nd watering using half the fert's packet directions/doses. Its all about personal opinion I guess.


But for hydroponic systems, I dunno, I havent tried growing in hydroponic systems yet.


Just because fertizlers are for aiding the plants growth, doesnt mean if you think "if I add the double dose, it will grow twice as fast", in fact you will kill them because some ferts are full of salts. ;)


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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You could start flowering now if you wish to but if space is not a worry I would transplant it into a bigger pot and wait for it to double in size, tipping it would make it bush out a bit more too.



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