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Honey sesame Crunch

Guest Babybear

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Guest Babybear

Honey sesame Crunch. (made by baby bear) serves about 4-5




8 beef honey sasuages

4-5 roma tomatos

sesame seeds (depended on taste on how much)

honey (depended on taste on how much)

large tin of whole mushrooms (slice them)

1 1/2 white oinon or frozzen chopped oinoin

soy sauce

100-200grams diced bacon

extra tomato for topping

large tin of red kidney beans

3 eggs


par bake bread (cook in oven just before you ready to serve)


Put oil in fry pan , when hot add the sasauges when half cooked add the

oinoins an bacacon cook till bacacon is ready add the tomatos and sliced mushrooms put on low heat then add some soy sauce an drizzle honey over over, mix then put on low heat , while is on low heat use the 3 eggs an only a little milk to it an make to a scrambled egg an add a little honey to it(dont put much milk in)Add in you sesame seeds , put back on high add some more soy sauce an honey , once you eggs are ready add to mix gentlely an folding into it so mixes well,Add a little more sesames now, When all mixed serve.When served on plate add a little sesame for aperieces an some extra chopped tomato, Add a little more oil to empty pan an add some honey an sesame an Mabie some soy if dersired when just get some heat add the Pre sliced up par bake bread onto the oil sesame mix. cook till a little golden. Takes no longer then 3 mins or so,Place the bread to the side of plate.


If you have alot of left overs a good hint is to butter some white fresh break add some tomato/bbq (personal pref) sauseto each side of bread, add some of the Heated left overs on to bread an add a little more sauce over the top of the sasauges crunch .

enjoy . Dont over induge as the kidney bean are a clean out food , an you be Fartin all nite ;).



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