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three grand


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;) what's the way to go with that sort of cash .

I've some growing experience but not with mj , but i'm pretty confident, i'l do ok - with your help . soooo, what indoor set up would you recommend , before i blow me cash and get me arse busted .


thanks for the help folks and the welcolm to these fine pages , i'm stumpt for words

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The first thing you need to do is work out what you need, one of the first things to buy out of the money is a digital camera as photos make things much easier, a budget one will do but make sure it is compatible with your system.


Have you got a place in mind for your grow room and what are its dimensions? Is it in an area where it can be closed off from visitors?


You also need to know how much mj to grow to last you till the next harvest and half way into your next grow, how many ounces would you use in 4 - 5 months?


We need to know what we have to work with before we can make suggestions about lights and such.



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Things you need: (I'm assuming you're talking about an indoor setup!)


*Sodium Vapour Lamp with hood. Size depends on your room size.


*Extractor fan.


*Piping for fan


*Plastic to seal room up.


*Bigggggggg pots


*Hydroponic media. My mate uses grow beads but you can use sand, vermucilite, perlite, old potting mix even.


*Hydroponic nutrient mix.


*A big tray to put your plants on top of


*circulation pump


I don't actually grow indoors (cost factor and risk factor) but I'm sure someone else will cover up the gaps I've missed.


*and PLANTS!!!

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One 430w Son-T-Agro will provide 10+ ounces per crop (dried) with ease, two 430's would probably mean you would only need to grow a couple of crops a year. I recommend a 430w Son-T over a higher wattage due to your height limitations, the higher the wattage the further away it needs to be from the plants, unless you want to buy air cooled hoods for your lights. The 430w Son-T runs in a standard 400w HPS ballast, you can find more information on HID lights from the link in my signature.


Also due to your height restrictions it would be a good idea to read up on scrog and sog methods, get a good indoor growing book, Urbanhog may be able to recommend one, a book is also a great instant reference when you are in panic mode.


Have you got power available to the proposed grow space? Don't share the circuit with heavy power usage items like heaters or fridges etc.


You should also get enough panda film (hydro store) to completely line the grow room, a good quality exhaust fan or two and an oscillating fan, we can go into more detail on this after you have decided on your grow style and lighting requirements.


Tools that I think would come in useful: 12v+ rechargeable drill, a staple gun, jig saw and a caulking gun.



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Guest Urbanhog

With $3000 I will rather end up buying state-of-art Swedish made GAS stove and oven, with swiss made knives, and Danish made copper outter covered Titanium fry-pans and pots. ;) ;) This probably will blew my "$3000 budget" ........


If I ever move to other location, I will try to not spend more than $500 on grow set ups, since I have the grow lights, will just buy the new globes, and look around for scraps at scrapyards and St.Vinnes.....to hide the area and shit like that.


With $3000, you could set up a low/medium scale commerical operation grow set up if you planned right. ;)


Yeah, best to buy digtial camera first.


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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digital camera is worth its weight in gold or should i says green ;)

they start at about $129.00 if i can use one any one can

just remember stealth is the way to go, ;)


these fine ppl on this site can help you so do not be afraid to ask Q's and utilise the PM. ;)

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Height is the issue here....but you have enough.

It would be good if you could use another little space to put a few 2 foot double flouros for cloning, then you could use the whole 2m x 2m area for flowering. Tom's on the noggin with the son t agro. I've used a sunmaster 400hps globe this change, and I don't think it's quite as good as the son t I had was.

- I'd use two 400 watt lights, one each over about a square metre. You'll need the other space for your res and rooted clones,etc. The lights with the vented hoods would be good, because heat is going to be an issue with that height.

- I'd go for something like a couple of 6 inch inline turbo fans for exhaust, as these pull the heat out a lot quicker than those 4 inch computer fans. But - use two of those on duct to pull fresh air into the space and blow it on the plants.

- An EC/TDS meter and a PH metre are a must if you want optimum growth.

- A decent pond pump (650 l/hr at least)

- An airpump and airstone to airate the nutrients in your resevoir. You'll need sperate timers for the pump and the lights (digital are better but more expensive)

and make sure the watering one has more than 6 on/off cycles.

- And I too would look at going scrog. The 400 penetrates about 40 - 45 cm's useuable, and everything underthat will die off.

Sounds like a good space. Just remember to keep your system simple and you can add to it as you go. It's better to start off with a manageable crop and then upsize on your next one. It also spreads the cost and you will have all that newly saved cash from not lining dealers pockets.

Good Growing


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I don't actually grow indoors (cost factor and risk factor) but I'm sure someone else will cover up the gaps I've missed.


i'm getting rid of my outdoor grow to go indoors, outdoors is more stressful, for me anyway.


3 grand...... mmmmmmmm.......hehehe 3 grand would get you quite the decent setup, with these boards, an ortistic chipmunk could grow a fine crop ;) you'll have no problems at all, digital camera is a must but, this area is where i am at a disadvantage.

although theres no shortage of information around here, let alone on the rest of the itnernet.

best of luck.

enjoy growing the fine 'erb ;)

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