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Mongy Weed Explained

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:D Hi all, I thought I would write this post to explain what Mongy Weed is and to hopfully clear up the confusion created by Bindi, Dizzy, ABC and Duckfoot etc.


Best to mention Wally Ducks "Duckfoot" strain first. It is not Mongy Weed. But it is a very interesting plant, another strange mutant marijuana. ABC, Dizzy, Bindi etc. on the other hand are all Mongy Weed.


The original genetics for Mongy Weed were from a mutated stand of wild hemp ( what I'd call hemp anyway ) found not far from Sydney, Australia. I would like to claim fame for this find, but although I did get to see the plants, It wasn't me that found them. The now elderly couple that did find them I would like to thank for teaching me the basics that got me started growing all plants and especially for recognizing and passing on this strange leaf mutation.


In its native state Mongy Weed is not very good for hemp or THC. It is a weed. The couple who found it began to cross these original Mongy Weed seeds with their own plants and were having some success until they were beaten by age, and new living circumstances saw an end to their love of growing cannabis. And as I had shown so much interest, this is when I was given their seeds and began to grow Mongy Weed for myself.


Most of their early crosses were with pure sativa and sativa dominant plants of unknown origin. As were mine. the first known strain I crossed with was Durban Poison. Mongy Weed was totally unknown as cannabis at this stage and i was able to grow it just about anywhere undetected which meant that I was able to introduce many different cannabis strains into the gene pool with relative ease. This mixed seed stock I called Mongy Madness.


Many of these seeds I started to give to friends ( which I thought was just about everyone back then ) so they could grow their own Mongy Madness and it wasn't that many years after this ( stupid me, it was obvious in hind sight ) I had people trying to sell me Mongy Madness as Bindi weed, and I am reading reports in the paper about new "mutant super weed" busts. I stopped giving away ANY seed after this and continued to grow my own strains in private.


Mongy Madness faded into past knowledge for most people as far as I knew and I had heard little more until recently when I got a computer and learned of the Mongy Madness seed that Marc Emery had taken back to Canada and named australian bastard cannabis or ABC.


Since then I know of a couple of people who have continued to grow Emery's Mongy seed. Another grower I have found who is also working with Mongy Madness seed, calls his strain Dizzy.


I have been growing Mongy Weed for well over 20yrs and don't intend to stop now. It is way too interesting a plant. I have friends who still grow Mongy Madness, and have met a few more people both in Australia and overseas since getting a computer who also do. It wouldn't surprise me if there are more people who have continued to grow Mongy Madness in private over the years as I literaly gave away buckets of seed to alot of different people.


Anyway I hope this has helped clear up a few of the mis-conceptions that surround this plant that I have always refered to as Mongy Weed and the couple that found it always called Cannabis Australis.

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Just found this page with some intriguing pics of the strain.








I must say it is a very unique looking plant.

I guess the only question I have is how does it smoke?:P

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Agree with everest, good to hear your side of it Mongyman. Bit of a bumma to read that others have tried to pass it off as a strain of their own, because it all confused the hell outta me when we could spot the similarities of em all. Good to learn the true origins of this plant.


Also, big thumbs up for the elderly couple that kicked it all off. :thumbsup:



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I remember reading an article about a strain that existed somewhere in NSW that grew wild for many years (over 100?). And up to 30-40 years ago hippies used to treck into the scrub every year to harvest what they could. However this bush strain has long since died out. Do you think this could be the original mongy genetics? I'll try to find the article.... :thumbsup: Edited by pipeman
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