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compressed buds

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

hey guys ive add a few pics of my latest bitch.. and i was wondring why wont my buds compresss.. and is there anything i can do.. eg: additives or sumthing

8th week now and ive begun flushing..


witihin grow ive used : canna vega/flora and pk bloom minrals


any tips or advice is in strickt need

much respect




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When you say the buds wont compress, do you mean that they havnt filled out as much as you would have liked? Because you are growing sativa dominant plant theres going to be more streching and from my experience the buds dont fill out as much. But then I dont have a lot of experience with sativas.


What wattage/type of light are you using for what size area, whats the distance from plant?


I think that if you are starting to flush, the buds arnt

going to do much more because you are starving them of nutrients.

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Guest elefunk_delivers

yes i mean there not filling out.. yes.. as u can see by the pics.. why is this.. .?

and would u suggest continueing the nutes then and extend the flowering period..?

i think but the looks of this plant it could prob reach 12 weekss any 1 got experiance with skunk or white widdow strains and know aproxx flowering times


400 watt hps


its a small toliet not sure of size but picture an old outdoor dunnie.. thats about the same..size..


the lamp is in the middle of the room.. cbut the plant is strech outwards from the light due to crowns touching bulb.. so it kinda spread out

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From what I can tell in the pictures your plants still have a fair way to go, I would guess at another 3 - 4 weeks, Stonedas could probably give you a more accurate time frame though.



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